Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'll Take a Wizard

How many of you readers out there are Harry Potter fans?  Now, I mean big huge Harry Potter fans?

Okay, you!

So, naturally you'll completely understand when I admit that I cried when I first walked into Universal Studio's "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter."


As in:  I literally cried . . . you know, tears brimmed in my eyes, my nose tickled, I fought them back but without prevail.

I boo-hooed in awe of standing in front of and walking through Hogwarts.

Our day in this theme park was certainly the most magical of all for me.  I tried my best to bask in the realism of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for the mere 7 hours we were there.  I imagined it was all real . . . and I could feel it, too.

I had just received my Hogwarts letter from the headmaster.  I had my trunk and owl in tow as I set off for Diagon Alley to purchase my course books, wand, and cauldron.  I knew all the spells by heart--quite the accomplishment--as I was muggle-born.  Of course, I made all of the traditional stops along the way to Platform 9 3/4.  I stopped by Ollivander's where my wand chose me.  I peered through the windows of the Owl Post.  I purchased my quidditch jersey from Filch's Emporium (I'm a keeper--like Ron), and I dropped by Dervish & Banges to stock up on notebooks and letterhead.  I enjoyed a bite at The Three Broomsticks and a nice draft at the Hogshead Pub.  Then, after making two quick stops by Honeydukes and Zonko's in Hogsmeade, I ventured to the platform to board the Hogwarts Express (carrying a chocolate frog and a fozen Butterbeer).  It was high time I made my way to the castle to begin my studies as a First-Year!

I did.


Yes, this part of the experience was AMAZING--got the tears flowing--it was like he (Rupert Grint) was actually in the same room with me!  <3

And so . . . it began and ended with a castle.

Only, this one is much more magical than Cinderella's.  I suppose it depends on who you ask.  But, who needs a Prince when you can have a Wizard?

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