Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watermelon Days

Watermelon days . . .
you know the kind I'm talking about.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

sweet sweet summertime

Being in a plaster torso cast sometimes puts a bit of a damper on summertime fun -- especially everything water related.  Even on "cast off" days, Jackson can't go to the pool right now because of his risk for skin infections.  You see, the skin beneath his cast is extremely fragile due to not seeing air, water, or friction the vast majority of time.  What he can do ... or at least what we were willing to let him do ... is play outside with the water hose.  Truthfully, today was the first time since Jackson was 16 months old that he's seen anything other than bathwater (and even that's only every two months).

A little bittersweet to a mommy who wishes her boy could enjoy these type of activities all the time, this afternoon was a blast for Jax.

As you can see from the photos, Jackson preferred playing with the hose to being sprayed.  But, that's okay!

And ...
Completing the afternoon with a popsicle = awesome!

* sweet * sweet * summertime *

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quaint . Cute .

. quaint .
. cute .
. and just the right length for a toddler .

The Newtown Festival Parade
Stephens City, Virginia

Best Moment of the Day:
goes to Jackson -- for appearing to be frantically searching for Oliver when I look him out of the stroller -- only long enough for Mommy to realize he was actually looking for the kettle corn which had previously been sitting in Oliver's seat.


Friday, May 25, 2012

One -- Two -- Three -- Four --

One -- Two -- Three -- Four --
Hopefully not many more!

This morning Jackson bid farewell to Mehta cast #4 like the little champ he always is on "cast off" days.  We started getting him excited yesterday by telling him about his upcoming tub baths and getting to see his belly button (a real treat around our house!).  So, this morning he was running and jumping as we entered the orthopedic office for his cast removal.

The older Jackson gets, the more difficult it is to chronicle his casting journey for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis.  Although he's not exactly smiling for my camera -- I have to take what I can get these days!

Right away, the nurse came into our exam room with "Mr. Saw" ... and, like usual, Jackson was nervous but there were no tears.  He is so brave!

In about 2 minutes, Jackson's cast was off his torso and on the table.

*bye bye cast #4*
You were cute but way too tight from the beginning -- and we are glad to be rid of you!

Surprisingly, Mommy's ghetto rigging of Jackson's pressure points (bilateral hips and spine base) with Tegaderm bandages and jelly pads worked wonders.  Although this already too small cast was on an extra two weeks (thanks to an *ahem* untimely three week vacation by our surgeon), Jax managed to escape without any open wounds.  Only a few reddened areas.  We'll take it!

"Take THAT, Mr. Cast!  I'm tough!"

And Justin and I are cautiously thrilled with the way Jackson's little spine looks to the naked eye.  We think Jax just might be getting close to moving into a plastic brace!  He looks so beautifully straight to us. This time, the main change we can see is that his scapulae (shoulder blades) look parallel for this first time.

Take a look for yourself:

as an infant (about 4 months old)

prior to Mehta cast #1 (September 2011)

prior to Mehta cast #2 (November 2011)

prior to Mehta cast #3 (January 2012)

prior to Mehta cast #4 (March 2012)

prior to Mehta cast #5 (today)

Now, isn't that a sight to behold?
We think so!

Please keep us in your prayers over the next week ... for good health, safe travel, and safe and effective casting on June 1st!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's Three Weeks Old

That's right, readers!  Little Oliver is three weeks old today, and such a great baby!

I don't mean to brag (and I'm seriously hoping it lasts), but he is so content 90% of the time.  He's laid back ... alert during the day ... sleeps well between feedings during the night ... and just generally has his mommy and daddy spoiled.  To be honest, little man already has me dreaming about having a third baby!  Right now, however, I'm just enjoying the heck out of him.

We've had a busy 7 days since our last weekly update.  First, our double jogging stroller arrived in the mail, and we've been taking daily power walks together!  We aren't up to running yet, but we plan on getting there.  Oliver looks so tiny next to big Jax, but he does well riding in the stroller even without his baby carrier.  We also went to the doctor's office for Oliver's 2 week check up.  He weighed 8 pounds 7.5 ounces, so he's back to (and past) his birth weight.  Dr. Eddie gave us the go ahead to let him wake up on his own during the night -- so, no more setting the alarm every 3 hours!  Nevertheless, our little chunker still eats 3-4 ounces every 3 hours around the clock.  Justin and I cannot get over how much bigger he seems than Jackson did at 3 weeks old.  I've already packed away all of his newborn clothes, and he's wearing size 0-3 months, although they are a little big (and I'm a little glad).  :)   I don't want him to grow up too fast!

Then, over the weekend, the boys' Aunt Marney traveled up to visit us from Roanoke, Virginia.  It was her first time meeting baby Oliver!  While she was here, we went to a festival in Strasburg and otherwise just enjoyed each others' company.

Oliver scored a special UVA bib at the festival ... and I think it compliments his burping quite well.

Big brother, Jackson, has been a busy man as well.  I think the highlight of his week was seeing a real "digger" like the toy he had brought with him in the car.  He was so excited!  Gotta love little boys!

As for me, I am in love with mothering two little guys.  Call me crazy, but I have found the adjustment going from one child to two children to be really easy.  Granted ... I have an awesome support system ... but everyone told me it was super hard, and I really haven't found that to be true.  Remembering back to the first few weeks home with Jackson, I still had a lot of learning and growing to do at this point.  This time, I feel like little Oliver has just fit so perfectly into our family.  Maybe it's because he's been such an easy baby?  Or because by already having one child, I have already accepted that Mommy's needs come last (haha...sad, but true)?  Nevertheless, this is the best job in the world!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mommytography Take Two

Back when Jackson was a newborn, I completed a blog entry entitled "Mommytography" which were photographs that I took of him in an attempt to be artistic.  Well, since then, I have acquired a Canon Rebel, Photoshop Elements, and a teeny bit of know how from watching other newborn photographers and from watching tutorials online about DSLR camera operation.

So, today while Jackson was napping ... baby Oliver and I had a little photo shoot of our own.  Wow!  Do I have a new found respect for newborn photographers (ahem, Beth).  I didn't get nearly as many images as I hoped to capture simply because it took me so long to position Oliver and keep him still.  However, I really do love the few that turned out well!

Mommytography Take Two:

The End