Monday, February 16, 2009

God's Been Good To Me

I am reminded of this song: "God's been good to me, oh, God's always been good!" Okay--so I am thrilled! First of all, on bended knee I want to praise God for the results of Justin's repeat CT scan from this summer. We got word two days ago that his lymph nodes have returned to normal size, and there is little to no concern. This was certainly God's #1 blessing. Also, Justin got a promotion at work--one that he worked very hard for--I am so proud of him! He will be taking on more responsibility which will really prepare him to move up in the future. I know he is very excited!
And....drumroll please.... I GOT A NEW JOB!!!
So here's the scoop. I finally got fed up enough with my nursing job in Oncology that I started seeking new employment. This Friday I interviewed at Crestwood Pediatric, and about 3 hours after I left the office...I got a job offer, which I gratefully accepted. I was giddy excited the whole day...and I'm still counting down the days until I start working there. It is an adorable pediatrician's office about 6 miles from our new home... meaning only a 10 minute commute. MUCH better than my now 50 minute commute! Also, the work environment seems to be heavenly in comparison to where I am currently working. I put in my two week's notice on Valentine's Day, and my last day at my current job with be February 26th!
What's that mean? NO MORE SPECTRALINK PHONE! NO MORE RIDICULOUS PATIENT LOAD! NO MORE BEING A NUMBER! NO MORE ENTERING DOCTORS ORDERS! NO MORE CHART CHECKING! NO MORE GIVING BLOOD! NO MORE 2-HOURS WASTED IN THE CAR! NO MORE GOSSIP! NO MORE WAITING TO SEE WHAT WAS DEDUCTED OUT OF MY PAYCHECK! NO MORE 3 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET CUT CRAP! Can you tell I was a little unhappy? haha :) Most of you readers probably already knew this. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on the new place...but, let's face it, it can only go UP from here!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Buffalo NY

I know I just posted a few minutes ago, but I thought this portion deserved to be seperated from the rest. Justin and I just returned from an amazing little two night trip to Buffalo, New York to see his old stomping grounds. There, he acquired the new name "snowman," and we visited this infamous northern city that he so passionately still calls home.

When we arrived on Weds night, he showed me around UB, where he went to college. He showed me the student union, of which he often speaks, where he and his group of guys used to meet up between classes almost everyday. He showed me the Burger King where he ate so many campus breakfasts, the bookstore (I am now the proud wearer of a Buffalo hoodie), and the infamous Flint Villiage where so many of Rob's video shoots went down. After UB, we visited Golden Pheasant where he used to live...I saw his house, Michael Pecca's, and his buddy's parents place. That night we had a Buffalo Chicken Finger Sub, bubble tea, and then retired to the Adam's Mark Hotel in the city.

The following day, we met his friend Jon for lunch and then did a "drive by" to the many places he so often talks about. I saw the "Aaron Orange Hat" Starbucks, the Cheers Bowling League alley, the Wegman's he worked at, and we even stopped by for a visit Canisius High School, where Justin attended 9-12th grades. Immediately when we walked through the doors of this castle-like establishement, I felt like I had been cast as a female superintendent in a sequel to the movie Dead Poet's Society. All around me were these adorably-yuppie little boys, all perfectly groomed and clad in slacks and ties. This, combined with the knight statues, golden inlay ceilings, and aura of tradition was almost too much to handle. It was even more than I had imagined--the exact image of an all boys prep school--and sickeningly adorable that my husband once scurried through those halls in his own little tie. I loved it! After our visit to Canisius, we paid a visit to the mall for a few hours (where we met, and LOVED, Rob's girlfriend Holly) before meeting Justin's best friend, Rob, for dinner. The three of us had a 3-hour dinner at Sonoma filled with wonderful conversation. I am amazed at the incredible character within all of Justin's friends from Buffalo--I have yet to meet one that I don't love immediatley. When dinner ended it was almost sad, Rob is truly Justin's friend, not mine, yet I find myself missing his company already. After dinner we headed to the bar where Justin's friend Dina was bartending to say hello. Unfortunately, she got swamped as soon as we got there, so our conversation was limited. She is just as bubbly and cute as I remembered her from our first meeting. I just wish we had had more time to talk. After a quick drink at the bar, Justin and I began are trek into Canada for a midnight peek at the frozen Niagara Falls. Beautiful, yes! Powerful, yes! Bearable, hell no! Quite different that my first visit to the Falls as a senior in high school, this late-night February visit was something to be remembered. Once Justin and I found a parking space at the foot of Clifton Hill, we attempted to get out of the car for a photo. However, the mist from with falls was freezing in the atmosphere and pelleting us as we approached. We retreated to the Xterra and settled for an arms-length shot of our miserable faces in the cold. We drove quickly up and down Clifton Hill just to say we did, and then headed back into the states. It was still 100% worth the effort.

This morning we awoke, had another Buffalo Chicken Finger Sub, and started our 7-8 hour drive back to Bristow. It was a busy, busy little trip, but it was one of the most wonderful bonding times I've ever had with my husband. He has so much pride in that town, and it meant more to me than I can express that he desired to show me around. I am remined of that Rascal Flatts song "Take Me There" when I think of the last few days. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

The Geek in the Pink

At this point, I kind of feel like I'm starting this blog over. It has been so long since I've posted anything on here! However, carpe diem, right? There's no time like the present to take a little bit of that power back--to reclaim a bit of my identity back. Some of you know what I'm talking about--others do not, so allow me to briefly explain myself.

Life since Justin and I got married in August has been nothing short of crazy. We first experienced a sort of "National Lampoons-esque" honeymoon which began in Puerto Rico and ended up in Cape Cod, Massachusets. Then, I began my job as an RN. This blog is NO place to talk about THAT matter! As if I hadn't been through enough in 2008 already among graduating college, getting an apartment, moving to Northern VA, taking and NCLEX, getting married, starting a new career and getting a dog--Justin and I decided to have one last hurah to ring in the new year--we bought a house! So, on January 17th, 2009, the Heaths came home in Bristow, Virginia. Truth be known--we do love it here, so all of the fuss was worth the while in the long run. But, should you have asked us that about one month ago, I think I would have cried and Justin would have ran off with your head. Put it this way--never speak to a Heath with an English accent about anything regarding money, interest rates, insurance, appraisals, and especially--timelines! A few of you really appreciate this criptic post, don't you? You know who you are.

Nevertheless, we are now settled in our home--and upon the delivery of a once-defective dresser and mirror set, things may very well be in order again. That, my avid readers, is why I proclaim today as the beginning of reclaiming my identity. I think most of the pressures are change are finally lifting and I've set some new lofty goals for meself:

Goal #1: Get back to the gym 3+ days/week.

Goal #2: Finish the second book in the Twilight series, New Moon

Goal #3: Get cracking on our wedding scrapbook again.

Goal #4: Start cooking.

Goal #5: Hang out with my girlfriends again!

Ahh, these goals sound so wonderful to me right now. Call me selfish, but it's been so long since I've been able to focus on the things that make me truly happy in life--just the little things. I'm incredibly excited!