Monday, July 8, 2013

Jackson's Second Brace (redone)

I apologize for being so far behind on blogging.

Let's see ... sheesh ... back on June 26th we traveled back to Shriners Hospital in Greenville, SC to pick up Jackson's replacement TLSO brace.  It was a looooong appointment.  Unfortunately, the orthotist did not follow Dr. Stasikelis' directions exactly, and had already trimmed the brace before we arrived.  Therefore, I had additional concerns about the fit of Jackson's second brace.  Dr. Pete came over to the orthotics area twice to review the brace, and eventually "okay'ed" us to take it home.  While it is still not exactly how I would like it to look/fit (exactly like a Mehta cast) ... it is a huge improvement over the first brace.  This one sits lower on this hips, has a large belly hole, and has back velcro closure.

Jackson is SO much more comfortable with the belly hole (with less 'spilling')!  He says this brace is his "favorite."  :)  Makes me smile every time!  Justin and I are also enjoying being able to tickle him again.

*     *     *

This was our first time traveling to Greenville, SC without Justin.  Instead, my dad came along to check out the beautiful scenery.  Therefore, we couldn't leave without taking him to the breathtaking Greenville Riverwalk!  Seriously ... we ALL want to move down there!

And Jax was even able to partake in some much-earned water pla (spontaneously, can't you tell?) ... while Mommy enjoyed a bubble tea (seriously ... this place has it all)!

*     *     *

Now, the next chapter of our PIS journey has officially begun.  And ... drum roll please ... we do not have to return to Shriners Hospital until September 25th, 2013!!!

That is the LONGEST we have gone without a hospital visit/stay since Jackson's BIRTH in May of 2010.

Thank you, Jesus!

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