Monday, May 2, 2011

Day Eleven: A picture of something you hate

As most of you know, I hate Obama . . . and just about everything he stands for.  One thing is for sure . . . every "Change" he has brought to the USA has been a negative one.

I do, however, LOVE this picture.

Dear Mr. President,
Thank you so much for wasting our hard-earned tax dollars to fund programs for those who don't work hard at all.  Thank you for driving the national deficit skyward.  Thank you for promoting abortion, continued foreign dependency for oil, socialized healthcare, and a disrespectful and humiliating defacement of ground zero.  We salute you.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this. Normally I enjoy reading your posts, but I find this photograph disgraceful. On a weekend after our President successfully worked with the CIA to bring down the man who was primarily responsible for not only the worst attack on America but also indirectly the inevitable financial and social downturn that followed, you choose to post a picture that promotes the extremism we Americans have sought to overcome over the past decade.

While I do appreciate the differences that exist in our political realm, your post takes it to a whole new level and truly displays a disrespect to our President. Even if I do not agree with his policies, I would never dream of posting such a picture that demonstrates an ignorance of the larger picture at hand and the spirit of America.

I appreciate your legitimate concerns regarding the President. The timing and nature of this picture, however, is horrific. The United States came together last night in harmony and celebration after the news was announced. Why must you take away from the happiness of today with such a display of hatred?

JenHeath said...

Because you posted anonymously, I'm unsure who I am responding to. First, I am sorry that my post offended you, and I appreciate your opinion. Second, I prepare these "challenges" in advance and schedule them for posting; therefore, this post was written before the breaking news last evening. I said to my husband this morning, "I feel rather bad that my post expressing my opinions of Obama posted this morning." I agree that it was bad timing. However, my opinions of him and his presidency remain the same. The large majority of these efforts were conducted by George W. Bush anyways--so give credit where credit is due. I think it is fantastic that the victims of 9/11 and many other brutal terrorist attacks were given some justice and perhaps closure with OBL'd death. That, however, has nothing to do with my opinions of frivolous gov't spending, universal healthcare, etc . . . I maintain that the two are unrelated.

I agree with you regarding the poor timing. However, any other day, I would have proudly posted my opinions. Therefore, I chose to leave the post in place. Most of all, however, I am sorry that you were offended and I hope you will accept my apology whoever you may be.