Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jackson's Brace Fitting

We returned home this morning from another trip to Shriners Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.  This time, we had traveled there for Jackson first (and hopefully last) TLSO Brace fitting!

I had a lot of apprehension about this appointment, because having been cast-free for 2 weeks, I was concerned that Jackson would be very opposed to wearing his brace.


In his usual fashion, Jackson was so excited to get his "soccer ball" brace and begin showing it off to the world.

He's our hero.

Once he had his brace, Jackson went to have in-brace x-rays taken to ensure proper fit.  He stood for his x-rays like a champ ... with no fuss and no help.

Then, we went to see Dr. Pete for some final instructions and to give him the "gift" we had made.  Remember the celebratory image I shot of Jackson with his casts?  Well, I framed a large print for our beloved Dr. Pete!  And ... guess what ... he LOVED it ... and requested permission to use the image for the Shriners website and magazine!!!  Naturally, I obliged.  Jackson is going to be a superstar!

Dr. Pete was very happy with Jackson's final x-ray comparison.  He felt the brace was holding him well.

Check out this amazing progression!

This shows Jackson's spine:
1.  Before casting (45+ degrees)
2.  When we transferred his care to Greenville Shriners (18 degrees)
3.  After Cast #9 (0 degrees, with Jax not cooperating and tilting his head)
4.  Jackson's in-brace x-ray (0 degrees)

Just LOOK what wonders Mehta casting can do!!!

Praise the Lord!

*   *   *

We are thrilled to be beginning this new chapter in our journey.

However, we need your prayers as we fear their may be a rather large hiccough in our path.  After Jackson's x-rays were taken, the orthotist was supposed to trim a very small amount off the pubic area of his TLSO brace.  However, he trimmed all the way across the brace instead.  We didn't realize this until we were almost home, but it appears that Jackson's brace is sitting very high (maybe too high) in the front.  Although he is comfortable, his belly is bulging beneath the brace and we are unsure whether this will maintain his spinal alignment.  As you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty sick about the whole ordeal ... and have a plethora of telephone calls to make in the morning.

Please pray specifically for:

1.  The orthotist/doctor's wisdom to know whether this is okay.
2.  We get to CORRECT brace fit for Jackson.
3.  If possible, we can avoid another trip to Greenville AND HAVING TO BE RE-CASTED TO MOLD FOR ANOTHER BRACE.
4.  The brace Jackson wears with MAINTAIN his straight spine!

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