Friday, March 15, 2013

The Flower and the Bee ... Goodbye Cast #8

I know every parent thinks their child is brilliant.  However, Jackson truly is!  (Haha)

Regardless of whether he can actually be classified as brilliant, Jackson is the most brave and kind hearted child I have ever meet.  He has a true Hero's character.

Today marked the removal of Jackson's 8th Mehta cast.  At this time, Jackson has been being casted for Progressive Infantile Scoliosis for 18 months, longer than the first 16 months of his life before he wore a cast!  And in true Jackson spirit, he marched into the hospital today ... making conversation with the ladies on the elevator, announcing "this place is so cool" when we walked into the orthopaedics office, never shedding a tear during the removal of his cast, and saying "thank you" to his doctor.  

"He's a really neat kid," she exclaimed at his remark.

We agree.

This time, Jackson also told us about a new analogy he has imagined.  We think it's pretty amazing.  Just before he doctor turned on the LOUD cast saw, Jackson said:

"I am the flower, and that (the saw) is the bee!  Buzzzzz!"

I am so proud of my baby.  He has overcome so much ... and instead of responding with fear, he usually responds with gratitude ... and now, with creativity!  I love that he imagines the saw is a loud buzzing bee instead of something to be afraid of.  He's just the best!

Here's his regular pre-removal photograph with Daddy this morning.

Smiling for Mommy as the doctor removed his duct tape covering.

Telling everyone about the flower and the buzzing bee.

Finally!  A couple of photographs WITH Mommy!

Removal time!

RESULTS BELOW ... after the comparison, as usual.


At diagnosis:

Prior to Cast #1:

Prior to Cast #2:

Prior to Cast #3:

Prior to Cast #4:

Prior to Cast #5:

Prior to Cast #6:

Prior to Cast #7:

Prior to Cast #8:

Prior to Cast #9 (TODAY!):

Here's to hoping we are STRAIGHT and continuing on the HOME STRETCH!


Jen said...

Your son's back at diagnosis looks just like my little girl's back right now. Her first cast is 3/25. May I ask what his curve started at and what its at now? His last few pictures look so straight! Good luck to you guys!

JenHeath said...

Hi Jen!

Absolutely! Jackson's standing curve prior to Cast #1 was around 50 degrees. His cure PRIOR to Cast #8, standing, WITHOUT a cast ... was 4 degrees!!! Technically, Jackson is currently considered "cured" and "straight." His current doctor who we LOVE (Dr. Stasikelis at Shriner's Greenville SC) likes to continue casting until he can get a ZERO. So, we may still have a couple more. He likes to train the muscles and ligaments to maintain the straight spine.

BEST WISHES with your daughter's first cast on 3/25. Jackson's 9th is 3/21! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't hesitate to write me personally at:

if you have any questions. My blog has become a teaching tool over the last 2 years, and I have MANY families from across the USA who talk to me regularly via email and phone. I even met up with a semi-close by family last week for lunch so they could see Jackson before going to casting. I'd love to help in any way I can!

Take care,

JenHeath said...

Jen ...

I just read through your blog. I know ALL TOO WELL how you are feeling right now. Again, please contact me if you need ANYTHING! I also have lots of videos of Jackson if you need them. Take care!