Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life is Good

(A Griff- what "Maggie Mae" will look like)
(the real "Maggie Mae" at her home now)

As stated in the title, life is good. First and foremost, I finally sat for the NCLEX-RN (the national board exam for registered nursing) last Thursday. It was quite challenging but my computer DID cut off at 75 questions which I was very happy about. Then, the weekend rolled around and I hadn't seen my license come up online-- so I got worried and impatient and called the VA Board on Monday morning. And-- I PASSED!!! I was never so relieved to hear the line "congratulations, you have a license!" It finally felt official-- I was a REAL LIVE nurse. It was time to celebrate and to back away that NCLEX prep book and CD-ROM for good. It even felt so good to return a box of unsued "drug cards" to Barnes and Noble the next day. Ahh, the simple pleasures in life. Thank you to everyone out there who prayed for me last Thursday-- God is good.
In addition to that, Justin and I recently (about two weeks ago) decided that we would like to get a puppy to start our family. We looked around for awile and even drove down to Luray, VA to look at a litter of Puggles (put + beagle). Although the two little pups left were very sweet, we drove home and decided that we really didn't have the means to train a puppy right now due to our schedules. Therefore, we talked it over with some other dog owners who recommended us think about getting a young adult dog that would be more able to stay alone when we were both working. Therefore, we turned to our VERY favorite breed-- the Brussels Griffon (the little dog in the movie As Good As It Gets). We found a breeder in VA who was selling two adult (2.5yrs) Griffs who were much more suitable for our young family. So... we decided to get "Maggie Mae" (her name may change) a female Griff from them. We are going to pick her up when we return from our honeymoon in about 4 weeks. I am so excited because these dogs sound like little people in everything I read about them-- and they are adorable! Keep us in your prayers as this is a BIG undertaking for us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

God's Promises

Our God is faithful to his promises-- just like his breathtaking promise depicted in the rainbow. What I'm talking about is that Justin and I believe we have found a home church. When we last spoke, we had tried two churches already with no luck, but after one more "strike" we landed at Grace Fellowship Presbyterian. Our dear friend Patrick, whose wedding pictures you saw previously, suggested that we try a PCA as a "good medium" between Justin's Catholic background and my Baptist upbringing. Not only was this church an excellent medium, it was also an answer to our prayers for a church family. The members were incredibly welcoming, the senior pastor was well spoken (and even noticed us as newcomers), and God even placed us next to another young couple. This young couple got marriend right out of college, she was an RN, and they had searched for a church as well and found Grace Fellowship. We had such genuine conversation with these people and even mentioned the idea of grabbing dinner together at the infamous Wegmans since they live very close to us. It was just so wonderful to have this prayer answered! Now, I am continuing to pray with expectency that God will hear about my passing the nursing board exam-- the NCLEX-RN. Keep me in your prayers as well!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Church Shopping

Yes, I know it sounds terrible, but I feel like Justin and I are church shopping. Actually, we have been looking for a church in the Fairfax area for about a month now with little success. The first one we tried was overwhelmingly technologically advanced--felt like the true message really faded into the background, and yesterday's was quaint and friendly but much smaller and, well, older than we had in mind. I guess God wants us to keep searching for that place he would have us call church home. Keep us in your prayers.
As for today--Monday--it's back to the usual. Justin left for work far earlier than I even woke up. Now, I'm debating whether or not to travel the 25mins to Leesburg to return my mom's gift (not because I'm mean). I also plan on studying hard today... so I'm not sure what I'll do. O well. I'll stay busy nevertheless. Love ya'll!