Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Much to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays now that I have managed to get over my "I'm sick every year on Thanksgiving phase" that lasted for most of my childhood. I'm sure my family is thankful for that as well-- now, people aren't afraid to sit next to me at the dinner table!

Justin and I are so very blessed with such wonderful families to celebrate with. We traveled to Roanoke on Thursday (yes, we celebrated a day late because Jus had to work on Thursday) and had a quick dinner at IHOP, the ever-faithful, always-open, holiday-restaurant-go-to. On Friday, we had breakfast with Emily and Patrick Shaw who were up visiting from Florida. Afterwards, Justin's mom and I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner (I was more in training) together while Justin lounged on the couch with the dogs. My mom came over and helped with the cooking as well. :) Around 3pm, my dad, Justin's sister, Marney, husband Charlie, and nephew Logan joined us for a great meal and lots of laughter. Afterwards, the ladies went to Valley View for some non-stressed Black Friday deals. We really still got good deals and didn't have to deal with crowds or lines!

Also, big news, my baby belly finally "popped" this weekend! It's not huge or anything yet, but it's certainly much more obvious and firm than in was before. Pregnancy is such a crazy time--the one time in your life where having a bulging belly is actually fun! Now, if only my face wasn't so chubby! Oh well, guess I can't have it all. :)

So many things to be thankful for this year-- from the growing child in my womb, having jobs in this tough economy, the warmth of family and friends, to health and happiness!

Justin and I by the fireplace on Thanksgiving.

Justin's mom, Victoria, the cook, slaving away to make a wonderful dinner!

Mom and Maggie Mae-- doing their usual bonding. Maggie is really thinking "put me down, lady, I want some mashed potatoes!"

What Justin did ALL DAY while we cooked and cleaned up the mess--- well, scratch that, he fell asleep eventually! ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Me Wednesday [next time, Monday]

My avid readers are probably not familiar with "Not Me Monday." My friend, Lauren, however is a pro, and she has asked that someone else tell everyone what they didn't do while pregnant. So, Lauren, this is for you. Hope everyone finds this post as hilarious as I find yours.

1. I am NOT a Registered Nurse who, despite trying approximately 30 times daily, swears I cannot feel the fundus of my own uterus although I could feel it on any other pregnant woman.

2. I do NOT think it is a mystery of nature how maternity jeans sag in the butt even they they are snug in the thighs and the wearer (i.e.: me) has a huge, ever expanding ghetto booty.

3. I not NOT gag every morning while brushing my teeth and every night when I take my ginormous vanilla flavored prenatal vitamin to the point that I puke up the water I swallowed it with. I would NOT love to meet the man (obviously) who decided to flavor it in a dark alley somewhere.

4. I do NOT eat a cheeseburger Lean Pocket every morning for breakfast. I do NOT lather it in ketchup and wash it down with cranberry juice.

5. I did NOT drink a caffeinated Barq's root beer after 4 months sans caffeine and end up feeling like I had been out clubbing all night. I did NOT have to lie down on an exam table at work for 20 minutes to make the dizziness and nausea stop.

6. I do NOT feel like my own pregnancy is progressing at a snail's pace while all of my pregnant friends were 8 weeks along yesterday and 25 weeks along today. I do NOT look at myself naked in the mirror and think "where in the hell is my baby bump?"

7. My skin does NOT look like I should be nervous about attending my very first homecoming dance next year when I start highschool.

8. I did NOT dream about my husband wearing a yellow hardhat and dancing to the Village People inside of Discovery Zone.

9. I do NOT think my OBGYN's office is incapable of providing me with one piece of correct information. I do NOT think they are delinquent in returning phonecalls, irresponsible with maintaining lab specimens, or incongruent in following protocalls. I am NOT secretly considering driving 3.5 hours to Roanoke to deliver this child at Carilion with Dr. McLennon.

10. I do NOT get frustrated every time I feel my belly rumble only to realize it is, ahem, gas.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about all the things I have not been doing since I became pregnant.

Team Jacob

Attention all Edward Cullen fans, now is your chance to save me. This girl is about to switch teams. That's right! After seeing New Moon (twice already) I'm about 85% sure that I am now on Team Jacob. He just seems so much more cuddly, warm, and genuine.

Here is my list of reasons why Bella should choose Jacob:
1. He is 108 degrees instead of cold and hard.

2. His being a werewolf does not affect her lifestyle because he remains human most of the time.

3. Even in his mystical form he is cuddly (like a pet dog).

4. He can nurse her wounds without worrying about blood.

5. He will age alongside her.

6. None of the wearwolfs are inherently bad (like James, Laurent, and Victoria).

7. There is no pressure for her to 'change' into his mystical form to make their relationship


8. He is not immortal, so they can grow old together and die.

9. His community (the tribe) is aware of his existence so there is less need for secrecy.

10.His body and teeth are smokin' hott.

So, speak now or forever hold your peace, Team Edward. This girl is playing for the other team now. Go Team Jacob!
I am now reminded of the Shakira song "Shewolf"-- sing with me now:
"There's a shewolf in your up and set her free...There's a shewolf in your closet...Let it out so it can breathe."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Boykin Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was one of the most incredible events of my life-- I watched my very best friend, Serena, marry her wonderful fiancee, Michael Boykin. What a magical ceremony and reception it was! Serena and I met during her first-year class registration process at UVa. We had already previously been paired as "mentor" and "mentee" within the Nursing School. You see, Serena wasn't able to get into the classes she wanted to take, and she was quite upset--bawling actually (sound like anyone else you readers might know?). Well, with a box of tissues and a "been there" heart, I helped Serena register for what classes were still available and thus began an unimaginable friendship.
First Year students at UVa aren't allowed to have cars, so I began to pick up Serena at her dorm weekly for dinner dates/WalMart runs/retail therapy. Little did I know, but she was having a difficult time adjusting to college life just as I had the year before. We cried together on lots of occasions (suprised, anyone?)
As the two of us become more adjusted to UVa, our tears quickly turned into laughter (sometimes in a drunken state), joy, and . . . romance. Soon, Serena told me about this delightful VMI student named Michael that she was smitten with. We had many dinner discussions about exactly where this relationship would lead . . . then about dates, kisses, date functions . . . you get the picture. Then, I got to meet the fella-- and was I ever impressed! Michael is one of the finest gentleman I have ever met, and I could not be more proud of the man my best friend just married! Before long, Serena emailed me a photo of a shiny diamond on her left hand, fourth finger. It was official-- she was to be a Boykin!
This past Saturday, November 7th, 2009, Serena Knick and Michael Boykin tied the knot! It was so incredible to watch two people, so obviously in love with one another, who also so very much deserve one another, say their vows. So, here's to you two-- Serena and Michael-- I love you both yesterday, today, and always. Best wishes for your future together.

discussing my boob changes since getting pregnant at the rehearsal dinner
Mexican and Margheritas at the rehearsal dinner

getting all-dolled-up at The Salon of Lexington for the BIG DAY!

Enjoy the photos that follow of the gorgeous wedding and spectacular reception.

Serena & Michael's Wedding