Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day Ten: A picture you and the person you do the most crazy things with

I know I have used the term "best friend" a lot . . . but this is my best friend Serena.

Once--back when we were in college--she made me a certificate declaring that we were "Offical Sisters" by our own accord.  So, technically, she's my little sister.

We don't only do "the most crazy" things together . . . generally speaking, we do everything together.  Sometimes, it's like we are the same person.

I am so very blessed to have Serena in my life.
Love you, Rena!


Mom said...

2 Beautiful women...two beautiful hearts.....2 wonderful Mothers...2 wonderful you both

Serena said...

Ok, so obviously I have not been on my computer in a long time, but I LOVE this post! and it makes me miss you.