Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hott Mess ... No, Just A Mess

I am a hott mess right now.

Just a mess, really.

I give you, my evening ... everything that did not happen.

When my mom, the boys, and I were at Logan's Roadhouse ... the sweet (thank God) waitress did not bring me the completely wrong dish ... because she certainly did not key in the entire wrong order.


It did not take another 20-25 minutes for my original order to arrive at the table.  And, that did not mean that both mom, Jackson, and Oliver were finished eating.  My young children were definitely not tired of sitting still by the time I got my food.  That would never have translated to me having to take my food in a "doggie bag" having had a dinner consisting of peanuts, rolls, and Diet Coke.  Nope!


I did not bribe my 2-year-old that if he sat nicely in the buggy while we shopped around TJ Maxx that he could choose a toy (that would be bad parenting).  And naturally, I would never have gone to the toy section first.  I did not realize that after being in TJ Maxx for 30 minutes, I still hadn't looked at anything I came in to find.  Nah ...


Literally ... as soon as I left the toy section, I did not smell poop.  No way - that would have been gross.  Overhearing my conversation with mom, a store clerk did not inform me that TJ Maxx did not have a changing table.  Nah ... that would have been inconvenient.  I did not choose to go into the family fitting room to change Jackson's diaper.


Upon entering the family fitting room, I did not discover that we were dealing the "Poopmageddon."  Jackson's diaper certainly did not overflow up his back and under his Mehta cast.  There was not poop covering his winter coat, his pants, shirt, cast, legs, and back.  Heck no!  That would have just been disgusting.  It was not such an enormous mess that I had to ask a store clerk for a shopping bag to contain the dirty clothing ... and for disinfectant the clean their dressing room for them.


At check out, I did not place an item on the register to discover that some poop might have been forgotten.  It was definitely not funny ... so mom and I did not double over laughing ... nearly in tears.  In the hustle and bustle, mom did not look down to find Oliver munching on some "Ferrar Rocher" fine chocolates he had grabbed off the shelf.  Since it would have been inappropriate, we did not continue to laugh until our sides hurt.  I did not spend at least five minutes wiping down our shopping cart because I certainly didn't discover that is was, likewise, covered in poop.


I did not have to spend over an hour meticulously taking the duck tape and moleskin off of Jackson's cast when we got home and replacing it.  Oliver was not screaming the entire time.


And ... after all this (and cleaning the kitchen) ... I did not open my beautiful new bedroom blanket to curl up underneath it with a nice glass of wine ... only to discover that it still had the ink tag attached.  Nope!  That would never happen to one person in a single night.

True Story.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning

And soon ... Christmas had arrived.

We have been incredibly blessed during 2012, and this Christmas was no exception.  Oliver thoroughly enjoyed celebrating his first major holiday (complete with a chewy banana).  Jackson had a fabulous time singing Christmas carols and opening his loot from Santa Claus.  And, Justin and I loved seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of our sons and living with the joy of family.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

(hands down ... the FAVORITE Christmas gift of all!)

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve turned into a winter wonderland ... and it was magical!

I did all of my cooking on Christmas Eve because Justin had to go into work at noon on Christmas Day.  Therefore, our "holiday meal" would be enjoyed at lunchtime.  So ... since I didn't want to miss out of Christmas morning with the boys, I prepared everything the day before when Jackson and Oliver were napping.  As I began gathering my ingredients, I glanced outside to notice the first flakes of our Christmas Eve snowfall!  With the weatherman not even predicting snow in the forecast, this came as a wonderful and much-welcomed (at least by me ... don't ask my mom) surprise.  Seriously, I felt like a giddy little kid as I watched the "white stuff" shower down ... I might have even bounced up and down a bit!

When Jackson awoke from his afternoon nap ... Oliver was still sleeping ... so he and I took advantage of a few moments to enjoy the unexpected winter wonderland just the two of us.  I'm not sure I've seen Jackson so excited in a long time.  Perhaps the best moment of all was when I first opened our front door and Jackson exclaimed "Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!"  I love my stinker!

Soon ... little Oliver woke up ... and had his first glimpse of snow ... on Christmas Eve nonetheless!

* * *

That evening, my parents came over and gave Jackson and Oliver their Christmas gifts ... then, after posing for a few blustery snow pictures, we headed (slowly) to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner restaurant - Red Lobster.  It took us 45 minutes to make the usually-15-minute trek, but it was worth it just to say we didn't skimp on traditions!

Loving NeNe's "sparkles."

* * *

Later that night ... on a surprisingly white Christmas, Justin and I closed the evening with red wine and a marathon of A Christmas Story ...
... as we waited for Santa to arrive ...

Blogging About Christmas

Here I am ... blogging about Christmas!

What a joy it is to relive the magic!

Just before the actual Christmas holiday, the whole Stephens City gang of us traveled down to Roanoke, Virginia to celebrate the season with family.  I count it such a blessing that Justin's family and my own get along so well.  How many married couples are fortunate enough to say that they never have to "alternate holidays"?  We don't take that for granted, for sure.

Justin's mother, Victoria, always opens up her home to us (my folks included) ... preparing a meal and decorating for the kids.  Together, we are able to enjoy Christmas dinner a few days early and open gifts.

It's such a reminder of what matters most ... love, joy, family, and the gift of Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

Waiting in wonder ....

Sharing a meal ...

Giving gifts ...

And sharing in joy ...