Friday, September 25, 2009


Anyone else getting excited? Anyone else think it's been way too long? Anyone else ready to rekindle their obsession? Less than two months to go. --11-20-2009 -- we are all awaiting--

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Famous

We're almost famous! This passed weekend Justin and I traveled home to Roanoke, and the "girls" (mom, Marney, Victoria, and I) went to old Salem Days. More or less as a joke, we let the Roanoke Times "Paparazzi" take a photo of us--and I just found out that it was chosen for the paper today! Hilarious! Unfortunately due to copyright laws, I cannot transfer it to my blog. But, if you're interested, check out:
Gotta love good ole' Roanoke--oh, how I miss you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Friends

Okay, okay, I know, it's been WAY too long since I've posted--but it's been a very busy last week and weekend. However, in this spirit of catching my avid readers up, this post it about celebrating old friends and saying goodbye to them.

On labor day weekend, I drove the 5 hour trip down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to visit my college friend and roommate, Megan. It was so very much worth the drive--not to mention how much it made me appreciate all the times she has driven up to Northern VA to visit Justin and I. What an amazing weekend--I must say, Megan is an excellent host! My first night there we took it easy, having a "girls night in" with Megan's NC friends. This was such an incredible group of girls--I instantly felt comfortable. Kudos to Megs for finding such amazing women in her new hometown--however, we all know they will never compare to her UVa girls--right, Lindsey?

The next day, Megan took me to Old Salem--a tourist area very similar to Colonial Williamsburg. There, we explored the religous society--the single boys home, the tavern, many 18th century home, and the doctor's office (my personal favorite). We had the opportunity to lay in the old-style beds that travelers through Old Salem would have rented for a night's rest. We also explored the original old tavern--complete with 18th Century kegs (haha) and had lunch at the new tavern--still serving traditional meals. My favorite part was exploring the old physican's home. This fella was the doctor, surgeon, phamacist, dentist, and vet for Old Salem during that time period. Talk about a renaissance man!
On Sunday Megan and I went shopping at the outlet mall in Blowing Rock, NC, and spent a quiet night playing UVaopoly--in which I very graciously allowed Megan to beat me--ha! Then, Megan took me to her work at Baptist Hospital to show me her unit and introduce me to her nursing colleagues. What an excellent reunion between old friends--I am much looking forward to our annual Halloween rendez-vous in the near future--you too, Linds!

* * *

This passed week also included a bittersweet "goodbye" to a friend--Brody. Although it was a difficult decison, Justin and I decided to find another home for our 8-month-old Mini Schnauzer. (For those who are wondering, yes, we still have Maggie). Brody was a fabulously cute ball of energy--one that with two people working full time, needed more attention. Brody left us on Tuesday evening--he went to live with a family in Gainesville with several children. We have spoken to his new owner, Henry, a highschool senior, a couple of times--and Brody is doing very well--spending his days at the dog park and getting over his fear of the family's bunny rabbits. As you can see, he was all bark and no bite! We are so thankful that God led us to Henry and that Brody has found a loving home where he is now the center of attention and affection. We will forever love you and miss you good buddy.