Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Made You Look


Yesterday was a very eventful day with a happy ending. I went to work about 1pm, but on my lunch break I started feeling terrible. I was at Manassas Mall (maybe that was why--haha) when I got really hot and sweaty, slightly nauseous, flushed, and felt a lot of low pressure in my pelvis. Earlier that day I had also had a nosebleed. When I got back to work, I talked to Jen, an NP, about it and she took my BP. Scary-- it was 158/90! I called my doctor who told me to stay at work and monitor my BP for one hour. It didn't go down much, so I headed to the L&D triage area at the hospital. The good news is, my BP came back down to normal within an hour, my urine, and all my bloodwork was normal. So-- they sent me home as usual-- no changes necessary. I'm not sure what caused it-- maybe it had something to do with traveling this weekend and not getting ANY sleep (literally) for two night in a row. Whatever it was, I am truly thankful that all is well and I pray that the pregnancy continues normally from now on.

A Shower of Love

A Shower of Love for Baby Jackson!
This Saturday, March 27th, 2010, I had my baby shower in Roanoke, Virginia. My two fabulous hostesses, Marney Heath and Serena Boykin, threw the most beautiful party I have ever been to (with help from mom and Victoria). Thank you to the many family and friends who came to celebrate with me. Baby Jackson is so lucky to have so many people who love him already. A huge thanks to the many wonderful friends who traveled from far and wide to be there with me-you are amazing! I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!
The hostess with the mostest, Mrs. Serena Boykin.

The beautiful cake (designed by me).

Mommy and Daddy cakes.

Marney's fabulous spread of food.

Greeting guests Lynne and Charity (a good view of my growing belly too).

Two big travelers (Megan from NC and Anne Marie from NOVA).

The UVA crew.

Mom and I in our matching outfits (not intentionally).

*~* Guests *~*

Guests enjoying lunch and gabbing.

Opening Jackson's gifts galore!

Justin's mom quilted this entirely by hand (made me cry).

Justin stops by to get his suprise--a fully fondant cake!

Lindsay and I.

Megan and I.

Lovely ladies (and little man). The End! Thanks everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

8 Months Pregnant!

Yep, I'm still growing . . . and, believe it or not, I've actually "slowed down" a little. In other words, I had my 32-week doctor's appointment today, and my belly is measuring 32 cm. Previously I had been measuring one week ahead, but now I'm measuring exactly right for our May 18th due date (not that I'd mind if baby Jax made a 1-3 week early appearance). My BP is still good (122/68), urine was good, and . . . hold your applause . . . my weight gain was exactly right-- two pounds over two weeks! Jackson's HR was around 154bpm and although I'm getting some mild swelling in my ankles/feet, Dr. Ng said it was mild and to be expected. Yay! Another wonderful report to thank God for! Also, being 32 weeks means I can say I'm 8-months pregnant--wowsers! What a journey of blessing this has been so far. May God continue to protect our growing family.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Haley and Valerie who had their babies last week and to my friend Megan who is being induced this week! Love those babies silly!

Someone Needs a Boppy

Seriously, one of the sweetest sights I've ever seen. This mama could really use a Boppy pillow. If I find breastfeeding to be difficult, I shall remember this scene. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Culprits

Yep, these are the culprits--the guilty party.
Cheers to the two-year anniversary of "that night" from college. A night I'm amazed we all remember, and I know we'll never forget. Because we are all professionals--I'll leave you only with keywords from St. Patty's Day 4th Year!
Buddhist*tobasco*wine*underwear*big blue bowl*mop*cab driver*shots*Coupes*bathroom*vomit*beer*water*sharing*
trashcan*The Corner*hangover*
Regret it? Nah, no pain, no gain! Love this group and the memories made with them all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Not to Wear

So, I watch TLC a lot. Granted, it's mostly for the baby shows, but I enjoy an occasional bit of variety. Well, recently I've been seeing those commercials for the upcoming "I'm a Hoarder" series, and it inspired me to finally go through my own closet. Then--the commercial for one show (Hoarder)--turned into a virtual episode of another show-- TLC's "What Not to Wear." And, although Stacy and Clinton weren't actually there to help me sort through the mess, I think I managed pretty well on my own. There are four gigantic garbage bags full of clothes to go first to Plato's Closet, then to Good Will.
I could almost categorize the items that I nixed into distinct "goodbye" categories. There was the that skirt/dress would be more appropriate as lingerie because it's so short/skimpy category. There was the no matter how much baby weight you lose that top/pant hasn't fit in 3 years and now never will catecory. And, my personal favorite, there was the when are you ever going to wear a shirt with a sparkling sea horse and the words "Cali love" (thanks Hollister) on it again? category.
You get the drift . . . going through my closet I realized that I have matured quite a bit since a lot of those clothes were bought. I oh-so-fondly remember the days of buying super low-cut, spaghetti strap tanks from the mall, and it makes me smile. I suppose this is going to be a new chaper in my life in so many ways. Don't get me wrong-- I'm not going to go out and buy "mom jeans" and shirts with cats screen printed on them anytime soon. However, I do see a wardrobe makeover with some nice solid/detailed tops from Bananna Republic/Gap/Ann Taylor and some tailored capris in my future. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Excuse me? What did you say? Well, that's mightly dumb.

For quite awhile now, Justin and I have been discussing our "cord blood" options. We've explored the possibility of collecting and privately storing Jackson's cord blood, but eventually decided that it was too expensive at the current time. We're talking upwards of $2,000 plus annual storage fees. So . . . I went with the next best option . . . or so I thought.

I just couldn't imagine letting such valuable life-saving cells get thrown away (I even have a co-worker whose daughter received an anonymous cord blood transplant to cured her leukemia), so I researched cord blood donation and contacted CryoBank International this morning to enroll (they tell you not to do this until your 3rd trimester, so this seemed like a logical time).

However, a very cross-sounding representative came onto the line and squashed me.

"When are you due?" ... I answered... "We are full for that month, sorry you can't donate."

. . . and that was that . . .

WTF? I ask . . . (myself, of course). So-- there are tons of people out there with cancers and other potentially curable diseases--and you have a perfectly healthy and willing donor of immunologically immature cord blood stem cells that could save their lives--but you are too busy during the month of May to collect it?

What has the corporate world come to? This is just sad. Please post if you agree.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big 3-0

Today I'm the Big 3-0!

Weeks along-- that is! Justin and I had another doctor's appointment today, beginning the every two week visits . . . and it was fantastic. We met Dr. Ng for the first time (the other doc that could deliver baby Jackson), and we were equally impressed with him as we have been with Dr. Liao. I am still in awe at how well I am treated at this new practice. I really love both doctors, so I am assured I will be happy with whoever delivers our baby boy when he decides to come. Jus and I were reflecting on how wonderful it is that these two new doctors seem genuinely excited about our pregnancy. Sure, they do this all day, everyday--but they both make such a special effort to have enthusiam, give encouragement, and seem excited about the life growing inside me. It is so refreshing!

On the medical front, I am still measuring one week ahead--my urine was free of protein and glucose--no edema--I gained the right amount of weight this time--Jackson's HR was between 150-160--and . . . drum roll please . . . my BP was 120/64! This is so exciting because although the docs have never expressed a real concern, my BP has been in the 130's/70's for the last 10 weeks, and it has been really bothering me. I think I have finally put the post woes of my first experiences with that terrible practice of doctors behind me, learned to relax and trust my body, and my BP is responding favorably to this change. I also found out today from Dr. Ng (confirmed what the 4D sonographer said) that Jackson is seated very low in my pelvis. He said this is not of concern and may in fact prove to be a "good thing" when labor begins. Hopefully (and keep praying) this means that Jax won't change positions and will stay appropriately vertex until delivery. My prenatal yoga instructor also said this may be due to the squats and pelvic stretching I've been doing for the last 10 weeks in her class. See . . . now there's a great reason for investing in a good prenatal yoga class!

Something really cool also happened at our appointment today. Dr. Ng took another mini-sono and he measured Jackson for us. According to a rough estimate, he weighs approximately 3 lbs 8 oz right now and is measuring about 30 weeks and 4 days gestation. He should gain at least 1/2 a pound every week for the next 7 weeks too-- I think he's going to be a big boy--but according to medical science, he's really only slightly above average. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Domestic Goddess

I am now a domestic goddess.

Thanks to a very generous mom and dad (and a great Best Buy discount), Justin and I now have a brand new front-loading LG washer and dryer just in time for baby to arrive.

Is is weird in some way that I've been so excited to do laundry lately? We'll have to wait and see if I eat those words in a few weeks. ;)

Maggie says "bring on the loads!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jackson, our Bella Baby

Although I thought the day would never come, it did-- Justin and I (and Baby Jackson) had our 4D sonogram with "Bella Baby" tonight! And, after a dinner that didn't settle well with either of us, it was the highlight of our night (and week). We were so blessed with a sonographer who took her time with us (we paid for 15mins, but got 23mins) in order to produce some awesome images. At first, baby Jax wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera. He was incredibly mobile during the session (kicking, jabbing, rolling) and would hardly be still enough to get photographs. Also (and this is so very endearing), he continuously played with and snuggled with his umbilical cord (the sonographer had never seen it to this extent before). At times, because he was making "sucking" motions, it took like he was teething on his cord. So cute! Several times our sonographer also commented on how very laid back he was. She had me turn to my side twice, she jiggled my belly extensively, she had Justin talk to my belly, and she mashed a lot on my abdomen-- through all of it, Jackson happily played with his cord and didn't turn. Additionally, I learned that he was "seated very low in my pelvis." I certainly hope that's a good thing! EeeK!

As for Baby Jackson's features, here's what we think:

1. He's chubby (has a crease like I did at the bridge of his nose).
2. He has Justin's lips.
3. He has my cheekbones.
4. He has my toe "extender."
5. He has Justin's brow structure (i.e., no "shelf eyes")

As for the rest-- only 10 more weeks will tell. We're getting soooo excited!

* Here are the very best images from tonight * (more on facebook)

This one looks just like my baby pictures!

Body shot.

Jackson's 4D peepee

Forever snuggling that cord

Little fingers

Little toes

Beautiful face

Baby Jackson's face

This one looks just like Daddy (lips)