Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Bonding

Yesterday was such a blessing . . . and so much fun! Learning that we are having a boy means it's "nesting" time at the Heath house. We are starting to get the nursery items together, and will soon undertake painting. Also, I saved my Christmas bonus in cash and went on a miniature shopping spree yesterday with Justin, Mom, and Victoria to the mall and Babies R Us. There were lots of good deals since we still got the after-Christmas sales! :) I love a bargain!
Also, knowing that our baby is a boy and being about to put a name to him has really helped me connect with the child in my belly. Before, it didn't really seem real to me sometimes, but just one day after knowing that "baby" is a "Jackson," I feel so much love! So, let the bonding begin! What an amazing (and trying sometimes) journey pregnancy is. Here is a photo of me from yesterday-- 20 weeks pregnant.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boy, oh Boy

Boy, oh boy, baby Heath is a BOY! Finally the day arrived, and Justin and I (and both grannies) went to my much anticipated 20 week sonogram. And . . . drum roll please . . . our baby is a little boy, Jackson Scott Heath. We couldn't be happier (especially Justin who is already planning his hockey lessons, video game playing, and throwing the football in the backyard). Most importantly, everything looked very healthy--heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, bladder, stomach, diaphram--everything! The sonographer even said "he has such a beautiful umbilical cord." Interesting compliament, but we'll take it! :) Glory be to God for this wonderful blessing! Funny tidbit-- little Jackson had his noggin wedged tightly against my bladder for the entire sonogram (making it difficult to measure his head--causing trouble already). And to think I've been wondering "why do I feel soo much pressure whenever I need to pee?" Thanks buddy, now I know! Apparently, this is his favorite resting spot. :) Enjoy the pictures of our boy!
Baby Jackson sucking his thumb-- my personal favorite picture!

Jackson's manhood--a very proud moment for Justin

Baby Jackson's peepee and "beautiful cord"

Jackson's profile-- head ever-so-tightly wedged by my bladder

Baby Jackson from the side

Jackson's little calf and footsie :) (wonder how big they'll be?)

Baby Jackson's little ear (view from the back of the head)

Friday, December 25, 2009

'Twas the Night of Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! While Justin and I certainly enjoyed this wonderful day together, another member of our family, Maggie Mae, found it very merry as well.

Justin got this bag of Reese Bells (below) in his stocking. While we were showering, Maggie decided to open them for him and eat a few. She only ate 2-3, but we still called the emergency vet who said she would be just fine. Immediately, we put away any chocolate items in the house out of her little reach.

Then, we went to dinner and came home to this (below). What you see here is a shreaded box of Belgian chocolates that was on our bedside table. That's right--she got on the bed, onto the table, knocked it off, shreaded the box, and ate 4-5 chocolates and two large pieces of Marzapan. Again, we called the emergency vet. This time they were a little more worried and had to do a formula based on her weight. Overall, they think she should be fine--with only "mild toxicity." We just have to watch her for panting or shaking. So far, so good. Basically, she just smells like a little chocolate Griffon. Afterall, she is a Brussels Griffon (native to Belgium), I suppose she smelled her homeland calling on this fine Christmas day.
Here is the infamous Merry Maggie-- coming off of her sugar high. Say a little prayer for me tonight folks--I have a belly ache like no other!
'Twas the night of Christmas
and all through our house
Miss Maggie was rooting
Like a pesky little mouse.
The stockings were emptied
And the chocolates put away
But that didn't stop Maggie
She just couldn't behave
So up onto the bed
Jumped Maggie in spite
And onto the table
"Gonna get some tonight!"
Down fell the treats
And Maggie did follow
She shreaded and chewed
Then swallowed and swallowed
Soon home came the Heaths
And something seemed weird. . .
It was a room full of wrappers
And Maggie's chocolate-smelling beard
To the telephone they ran
To check on that booger
A belly ache she has . . .
And she's hopped up on sugar!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread Row

*~*~*~* Welcome to Gingerbread Row*~*~*~*

It's Christmas time in the Heath house and we've been making (and eating) a lot of gingerbread (a tradition of ours). This year, as you'll note, we spent some extra TLC on the decadent roof!

And, as I always swore I would as a child (while oh-so-fondly calling my folks "Scrooge" for not decorating with outdoor lights), we have also decorated our home for the holidays. Hence, we are now living in a "gingerbread house." Coming home to those wonderful sparkling lights each night just puts me in the Christmas spirit. How about you?

(and for those of you who are thinking 'white lights are so not Jen,' they are acutally multicolored--see top insert ;) so dont' you worry about my gaudiness, it's still there)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend Justin and I traveled to Roanoke again to celebrate Christmas with the family. As she always does, Victoria (Jus' mom) prepared a wonderful ham dinner, and we all gathered around the Christmas tree to open presents. Here are a few photos from the wonderful family weekend.
Justin and I (and baby bump) on the porch just as the snow starts to fall on the Valley.

The Heath Family, Maggie included of course.

Justin and I posing by the Christmas tree.

Mom and I together by the tree with my huge belly.

We love the snow!

Justin and Maggie--it took a lot of effort to steal her away from Victoria who was feeding her Christmas dinner scraps!

"If you don't help me clean up, I'll beat you with the ham bone!"

A very beautiful White (makeshift) Christmas!

The ladies, getting ready to face the storm and head home!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow

Justin's favorite song in his favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas, goes something like . . . "Snow, snow, snow, snow"--all very nicely harmonized mind you. Well, those lyrics indeed describe our trip home today from Roanoke. However, had you heard us singing it would have sounded more like "Snow, &!$% snow, snow, @#$&@!" The usual 3.5 hour trip took us 6.5 hours, and the large majority of that felt like we were driving an all-terrain vehicle. After all the money my folks have paid UVA, you would think Albemarle County could afford to hire some snow removal personnel. Apparently not!

At least some of the sights were beautiful.

This one, not so much.

Eventually, we just let Maggie Mae drive.

Then, Jus came home to 20 inches of untouched snow in our driveway to shovel. Acutally, as I'm toasty inside witing this blog . . . he's still out there doing so. I'll make him some hot chocolate, don't you worry!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

. . . I can't believe I'm doing this . . .

This was me back at our one year wedding anniversary--the morning I went for me pre-prenatal consult to ask questions . . . little did I know. :)

Here's the proof. On the morning of September 8th, 2009, I took this digital EPT (the first of 4 or 5--just to be sure). I was shaking the whole time--even had to leave the room while it "cooked"--couldn't take the suspense.
There's unsuspecting little me at 4 weeks pregnant (the morning I found out) ready to go to work. At this time, no morning sickness or ligament pain-- and a flat stomach. That lasted until about 10 weeks, then everything started to change. :)
C'est moi at 8 weeks along--no baby bump yet but oh-so-sick as a reminder that I was indeed pregnant. About this time we had a neat sonogram that showed baby's little arms waving at us.
Here I am at 12 weeks. As you can see, getting a bit of a belly there. By this time, thankfully, the morning sickness had stopped, and I was feeling pretty good. Just anxiously awaiting feeling the baby's little punches and kicks.

There I am at 16 weeks along. I'm starting to feel the tiniest little "flutters" and lots of round ligament stretching (pain) as my growing belly gets bigger (as you can see). Excitedly awaiting reaching the 1/2 way point in a few weeks.

Now, I'm 18 weeks along (today) and we find out if Baby Heath is a boy or a girl in 13 days! It's all I can think about anymore. Anyone who knows me knows how much I want to paint that nursery and start buying all of those cute baby things. This kid better have its legs wide open on December 28th! What a great late Christmas present. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful journey. To You be all the Glory now and always.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Megan

Happy 24th Birthday Megan--you SEXY thing! Miss you and love you. Hope it was GRRRREAT! Mwa!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Very Crestwood Christmas

Tonight was the Crestwood Pediatrics Christmas party at Carmello's restaurant in downtown Manassas, Va! Wow, what a far cry from the hospitals bring-your-own potluck Christmas lunch (ate at any time you could squeeze 15 mins away from patient care; microwave not included). This party was so much fun-- my very first company Christmas party. The food was fantastic as was the company and the gift exchange. Justin and I sat with Will and Jen (Dr. Abbott's kids) and Dr. Allen and her husband, Justin. The two Justins really enjoyed each others company, and as always, I had fun with Dr. Allen. She has been such a great addition to CWP. After dinner we did Dr. Harnum's infamous "Yankee Gift Swap" where you can steal anyone's present. Although I got my original present stolen, I liked the cute green and black lunchbox I ended up with. It was such a nice night of festivities, complete with falling snow to put all of us in the Christmas spirit.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday, Lindsey!

Happy 24th Birthday, Linds! Hope is was great. We love you! xoxoxo

Doctors and Dopplers

Just a quick update on Baby Heath--sorry, no pictures this time. Let's see, I had my 16 week pre-natal appt yesteday, and all was well thusfar (apart from my continued annoyance with the OB practice we are using). Baby's nice strong heartbeat was heard, and my fundus (top of my uterus) was just between my pubic line and belly button, right where it should be! It wasn't a very climactic appt--just asked some questions and had my blood drawn. Yes, they suckered me into doing another screening. Humf--next pregnancy, I think I'm opting for the au natural approach-- maybe even with CNM's in a birthing center. We'll see.

Also on the baby front, Justin and I ordered a home fetal doppler from Stork Radio to listen to Baby whenever we want. It is just the most reassuring sound in the world to hear that fast thumping of Baby's little heart. I'm at that point in pregnancy right now where most of the fatigue and morning sickness are over, but I still don't have a pronounced "baby bump" and I'm not feeling the baby kick yet--maybe in a few more weeks! You sure can hear Baby kick with the doppler though! As the doctor put it yesterday, the baby "isn't packing enough punch" yet to be felt. I can't wait. Keep us in your prayers! Only about 3 more weeks and we'll know if Baby Heath is a boy or a girl! We can't wait!