Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maternity Photography on a Budget

Maternity photography on a budget of $0.00. What can I say, we did our best. :) Enjoy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out with the Old, and In with the New

I finally saw the day--yesterday! Yes, I got a new (but cool and quirky) "mommy" ride-- a 2010 Scion xB.

Now, I know you either love it or you hate it, and I am definitely of the love it camp. Ever since starting college (quickly after realizing I could never afford a Porsche Cayenne on an RN's salary), I've had my eye any anything and everying boxy. The four vehicles I test drove? The Honda Element, the Ford Flex, the Dodge Nitro, and the Scion xB. The first three quickly cancelled themselves out by having nasty interior (Element), being too expensive (Flex), and the company going under (Nitro)--leaving me with an obvious and wonderful choice--the Scion xB.

I just loooove my weird little ride. It's the perfect combination of practical (rides just like an SUV without the price tag, great trunk space for a stroller, black interior, good gas mileage, and excellent customer ratings) and funky (totally unique body design, awesome sound system, one-of-a-kind color, and evokes strong opinions). So not the stereotypical mini van!

So, yesterday I said goodbye to two old friends (my 1970 Chevy Nova (downpayment) and my faithful 2000 Pontiac Grand Am (trade in)), and hello to my fun new ride. The way I see it, it was a bittersweet "out with the old and in with the new."

So-- I've got two choices:

1. I can choose to paint Incredible Hulk hands on the doors, lower it, add blacklights underneath, date an Asian dude, and star in the next Tokyo Drift.


2. I can be the coolest, lunchbox-driving mommy around.

I think I'll take option #2!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Big 28

Big Week 28!

I've been in my third trimester for a little over a week now, and things are fantastic! I went to see Dr. Liao this morning (always amazed at how sweet he is), and things are moving along "right on target." My belly is measuring 29 cm (one week ahead, but very normal), baby Jackson's heartrate was 158 bpm, there was no glucose or protein in my urine, and my ankles aren't swelling yet (now if only we could say the same for my fat face)! Woohoo! Best news of all-- Jax has settled into the head-down or vertex position, and he is certainly a boy (we got another pee pee picture). Now, the little houdini had better stay head down. Generally, babies do--so, Justin and I are hoping that he behaves. :)

Baby's Jackson's peepee confirmation picture. ;) hehe

On another exciting note, my friend Lauren had her baby girl, Brooklyn, either last last night or early this morning. Congratulations Beckner family!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Me Monday (at least that's when it was written)

1. I do not carry a bottle of Maximum Strength Tums in my purse and have another on my nightstand. I am not secretly having fun trying all the exciting new flavors. Wintergreen is not my new favorite.

2. I could not sit for hours just staring at my belly as it dances with little kicks, punches, and rolls. I do not actually love getting kicked, even if it is on my bladder 90% of the time.

3. I do not find it ironic that total strangers comment that I "look like I could delivery anytime" yet certain nameless others insist that I "don't even look pregnant." Hello! Really?

4. I do not have serious scale anxiety comparable to a 15-mont-old at his checkup. I do not wish I too could cry and thrash my arms when I'm weighed as well. I am not, in fact, doing this on the inside.

5. I do not wake up every 2 hours at night to pee, lie in bed trying to coax myself into waiting a little longer, then grumble and give in to the urge. I am not utterly exhausted all day, everyday.

6. I do not have a perpetual craving for pineapple and skim milk. I am certainly not about to pour myself a glass at 10:25 pm.

7. I do not plan my whole life around childbirth preparation class, prenatal appointments, sonograms, and prenatal yoga. I do not relish all things baby and pregnancy related and look at them as milestones along the way to delivery. I do not rate the appeal of a given week based upon the number of pregnancy-centered things I get to do.

8. I am not totally convinced that my face belongs on a 400-pound woman. I do not think it is undoubtedly the fattest thing on my body, including my 7-months-pregnant-baby belly.

9. I do not routinely give myself pep talks about not buying every cute baby boy item on the shelf by repeating "just wait for your shower--just say no!--you can do it!"

10. I do not want to next 84 days (yes!) to fly by so I can finally meet my son face-to-face!

Obviously, there are a lot of things I'm clearly not doing while I'm pregnant!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My 24th Birthday Weekend

This weekend was my 24th-birthday weekend!

Justin and I went "home" to Roanoke, VA to celebrate with family and friends (who just happened to be there too-yay)! I was lucky enough to get off work early on Thursday, so we were in the 'Noke by dinner time and had dinner at O'Charley's. On the 19th, my acutal birthday, we went to Ichiban for dinner and then to see Shutter Island on it's opening night. Talk about creepy--but really good! Saturday was a leisurely day overall, but we were able to have breakfast with Lindsey and Cookie who were in town for the Tim McGraw concert (they just raved about both songs that they heard him perform). :) I plead the 5th on that one--ask them! It was just a great weekend of friends, family, food, and retail therapy (yes, of course, I hit Valley View Mall several times).
On another note, I had the sad realization that this may be the second to last time I am in Roanoke before my folks move up to NOVA. I will always consider it my real "home," and I am so thankful that Justin's family will still live there and give us a good excuse to come "home" to visit often. I just couldn't live without the Mill Mountain Star, the Salem Fair, the Rodeo, driving by Northside's football field (state champs, p.s.), Valley View Mall, the Dr. Pepper Sign, and so many other Roanoke landmarks. It's funny how you never really appreciate a place like Roanoke until you leave.
Happy Birthday, me. Here's to another great year!
Also, a big thanks to all of my friends and family who sent birthday wishes--I am so lucky to have you all in my life. All my love forever!

Mom and I at O'Charley's.

The whole crew at Ichiban.

Justin and I at my birthday dinner.

An unexpected breakfast with old friends.

My sweet, loving birthday pup.

Thanks for a great weekend,


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your day is filled with mushy cards, good music, chocolates, stuffed animals, flowers, all things pink and red, and most importantly, the one you love.

(Justin's Valentines--me and baby Jackson)

And to all my readers, know that I love you!
(my Valentines-- Justin and Mags)

My sweet and unexpected surprise! I haven't gotten a stuffed animal in forever.