Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Times Have Changed--already.

My how the times have changed.  Baby Jax is bigger, stronger, and more interactive.  He amazes us everyday.  Take a look at these photos.

Jackson in his swing during his first week home
Jackson swinging this morning.

Jackson's first tummy time.
Jackson doing tummy time today.
And playing too.  You should hear him cooing and giggling.
What a ham.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Genius

My little Taco recently started using his Bumbo seat--and, boy, does he love it.  I think it's the greatest invention ever...Jax gets to work on his neck control while he is soaking in the world around him.  Besides...Bumbo is a pretty fun word to say, too.  "Does Jackson want to sit in him Bumbo? *baby smiles* I think he does. *baby coos* Let's play in our Bumbo seat."
He just thinks it's the best thing ever.  We've been watching our "Baby Signing Time" DVDs together in the Bumbo, we've been having funny conversations together, and we've been reading stories.
In only a few short days...my Taco has become a baby genius.
Reading all by himself.
His Mommy is having fun with her camera since Jax has started to grasp things on his own.
Which do you think is true?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Our poor Jax has his first cold, and my mommy guilt is in overdrive.  The hard truth is...I got a cold last Friday (this must be a super virus too because my nurse's immune system is a beast, and I never get sick), within 24 hours Justin had it, and by the next morning Justin's mom had it too.  Then...yesterday evening, Jackson started sneezing, coughing, and being really fussy.  I can just tell he feels yucky--and my bulb suctioning skills (for boogies) are in overdrive.  I am very thankful for the knowledge of caring for a sick infant that I have gained by being a pediatrics RN.  Anywho...please pray for a speedy recovery for our poor little one.
To lighten spirits...and because it's completely random to blog about these things, but they make me happy...
Miss Maggie now has a doggie bed that she is obsessed with, and I think it's fantastic.
She even rides in the car in her bed-e-bye.
And...the Chinese food store at Fair Oaks Mall has a new bubble tea (my absolute favorite treat) machine that seals the cups with anime celophane and Chinese characters...this is how Justin remembers bubble tea from when he had it in Buffalo, NY...and now I get to experience it the real way as he always intended.  We are both totally psyched!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where's Jacko

Let's play a game.
Where's Jacko?
5 points to the person who spots him first
Disclaimer:  We were packing.  My bed does not typically look this way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

City Baby, Country Baby

A few weeks ago, we went to the Big City (Washington DC) . . . but this weekend it got even better . . . we went to the country.  Acutally, we went to Roanoke, Virginia (aka "the best place on Earth" according to Mommy).  The entire trip was basically a Baby Jackson meet-and-greet for both Justin and my extended families.  I think I'm a little biased, but I'd say Jax was a big hit.
We arrived at Granny ToTo's house (Justin's mom) on Friday afternoon, and after some playtime, we went out to eat at Cracker Barrell.  Then, ToTo took me shopping at Valley View Mall.

Mommy and Daddy had a lot of packing and unpacking to do because of me, but it was worth it!

On Saturday morning, we woke up early and traveled another 2 hours to visit my great grandma "Mammaw" in Chilhowie, Va.  A one stoplight town, this really was the country.
Don't be fooled by this photo, I was awake almost the entire time!  In Chilhowie, I met lots of Daddy's family including my:
Aunt Sheila
Aunt Sharon
And my cousin Gabe.  It was a big day for Gabe too because he poopied in the "big boy" potty that morning!  Wonder when I will do that?
Mammaw cooked everyone a wonderful lunch, and would you believe that I didn't get to eat a single thing?  Not even her famous rolls!
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed hearing her recount stories from the old days.  They learned that it used to be called "going to housekeeping" when a young couple got married and moved into their first place together.  Mommy was fascinated by the 1949 cabinet that Mammaw still uses from when she "went to housekeeping."
Daddy videotaped Mammaw explaining how she cans her sweet pickles and how she makes rolls from scratch.  It was family history being recorded for me to see when I grow up!  However, no matter how hard she tries . . . something tells me my Mommy will never quite duplicate Mammaw's rolls.
That evening, we had dinner with Aunt Marney, Uncle Charlie, and cousin Logan at Macadoo's (Mommy's craving).  It was good fun . . . for everyone but Uncle Charlie who got a tray of drinks spilled down his back!  EEEK!  Mommy was relieved that they didn't get spilled on me (because it sure was close!).

On Sunday it was time to see Mommy's family for the first time.  That morning, we went to visit Uncle David and Aunt Mary.  I wore my special *Uncle David Outfit* which was a bib with an antique muscle car on it.  David was impressed by my knowledge of big block engines (just kidding--that will come later).

(David must have said something about Fords right before this photo was taken--haha)
My sista' Shamika even came to visit me.  She was incredibly impressed with my Mommy's post-baby ghetto booty.  "Shake it girl!" she said.
After lunch with Mary and David, we went to visit Aunt Ella and Uncle Butch at their house.
Aunt Ella thought I was great!  She thinks I look like my PawPaw too.
It was literally a family vacation!  Mommy, Daddy, and I had a great time visiting everyone.
Much love until we see everyone again. xoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yellow is a gender neutral color.  It is, right?  Sure, it's generally considered to be, but I suppose that depends on the circumstance.  Well, a few days ago I decided to put a yellow nightgown on baby Jax that he had never worn before.  But . . . the more I looked at my boy . . . the more I thought knew he looked like a girl.  Hey, no problem, they say an A-line looks good on all figures.  I guess that applies even if you're a fella . . . because I think he looks mighty fine.  How about you?
Geeez Ma, you're silly.
I don't like this yellow dress (as daddy calls is) one little bit.
Okay, that's better.  My monster hat helps.
Ah ha!  So she's the culprit.  Mommy, I'm a boy.  Remember that.

Note to self:  Sometimes, yellow is not a gender neutral color.
Second note to self:  Jackson would have made a mighty pretty girl too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christmas in July

Those of you who know me well know about my love of obsessison with drug-rep ink pens.  You know that I like them ball point, chubby, plastic, and lightweight.  You know that I like them Ambien.
And, a few years ago when drug reps stopped being allowed to give them away for free . . . you know that I took a liking to eBay.  I never buy pens the traditional way at Office Max anymore.  Nope.  You just can't get the caliber of pens the drug companies used to provide.  So . . . call me crazy . . . but I have become an online pen shopper.  Hello Christmas in July!
Oh happy day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make A Child Cry

Today begin July 11th (7/11), I was psyched to claim my free slurpee at 7-11 convenience store.  So...mom and I drove down the street with eager eyes on the prize.  However, the grumpy store owned informed us as we walked through the doors that "the slurpee machine is broken."  Right.  So, every single flavor or slurpee just happens to be "out of order" on free slurpee day.  Sure.  I.  Believe.  That.  One.

Anyways, eager as we were . . . we drove about 10 minutes down the road to Nokesville to claim what was rightfully ours.  This, however, was what we received.

Hey, let's look on the bright side . . . I was planning on getting the nasty Mango Fusion sugar-free flavor, but with a slurpee this small, I got to splurge for the Pina Colada flavor.  Totally worth the drive, don't you think?

I am thankful that Jackson is too young to want a slurpee beacause this is one of those occasions that would make a small child cry.  How disappointing.  I'm 24, and I wanted to cry.

An Atypical Snack

An atypical snack?  Yes.  Fun to eat?  I wouldn't know.  Thank you.
We went in Hot Topic at the mall the other day, and my grown-up husband bought these:
Sour Cream & Onion "Crick-ettes."  Whatever.
The guy at the counter said "they are like eating a potato chip," but when asked if he liked them, he also said "I don't eat animals, and that includes insects."  So. . .if I may ask, how does he know they are like eating a potato chip?
Nevertheless, the inner child was pacified.  And because I wouldn't partake, I give you exhibit A:
The funny thing is . . . we later found the dog's "Crick-ette" left uneaten on the carpet. 
Wonder why?
Glad one of us is proud.