Thursday, July 15, 2010


Yellow is a gender neutral color.  It is, right?  Sure, it's generally considered to be, but I suppose that depends on the circumstance.  Well, a few days ago I decided to put a yellow nightgown on baby Jax that he had never worn before.  But . . . the more I looked at my boy . . . the more I thought knew he looked like a girl.  Hey, no problem, they say an A-line looks good on all figures.  I guess that applies even if you're a fella . . . because I think he looks mighty fine.  How about you?
Geeez Ma, you're silly.
I don't like this yellow dress (as daddy calls is) one little bit.
Okay, that's better.  My monster hat helps.
Ah ha!  So she's the culprit.  Mommy, I'm a boy.  Remember that.

Note to self:  Sometimes, yellow is not a gender neutral color.
Second note to self:  Jackson would have made a mighty pretty girl too.

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