Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Our poor Jax has his first cold, and my mommy guilt is in overdrive.  The hard truth is...I got a cold last Friday (this must be a super virus too because my nurse's immune system is a beast, and I never get sick), within 24 hours Justin had it, and by the next morning Justin's mom had it too.  Then...yesterday evening, Jackson started sneezing, coughing, and being really fussy.  I can just tell he feels yucky--and my bulb suctioning skills (for boogies) are in overdrive.  I am very thankful for the knowledge of caring for a sick infant that I have gained by being a pediatrics RN.  Anywho...please pray for a speedy recovery for our poor little one.
To lighten spirits...and because it's completely random to blog about these things, but they make me happy...
Miss Maggie now has a doggie bed that she is obsessed with, and I think it's fantastic.
She even rides in the car in her bed-e-bye.
And...the Chinese food store at Fair Oaks Mall has a new bubble tea (my absolute favorite treat) machine that seals the cups with anime celophane and Chinese characters...this is how Justin remembers bubble tea from when he had it in Buffalo, NY...and now I get to experience it the real way as he always intended.  We are both totally psyched!

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