Friday, July 2, 2010

The Big City

This is a story about how GranGran
and PawPaw
and Mommy
and Baby Jax (Daddy was out of the country)
went to the Big City--Washington, D.C.
We got off to a wonderful start, and it was my very first time riding the Metro!
But...when we got to Rosslyn, GranGran and Mommy were talking about the day ahead...when GranGran said " forgot the bottles!"  That's right--silly old folks forgot my milky in the cooler in Mommy's car--all the way back in Vienna!
So, we got back off the Metro--rode backwards to Vienna--retrieved my bottles--and began our journey again.  PawPaw saved the day!
And I got fed and changed in the Metro station--joke's on them!

And--we embarked once again.  By the time we arrived in DC, an hour behind schedule, all the big people were hungry.  So, we went to lunch in the cafe inside the American History Museum.  Mommy didn't like the prices one little bit!
And neither did I.
But we made the best of the experience together--at least there was air conditioning and nice seats!

After lunch, we went exploring through the museum.  Mommy was moved tremendously by the "America At War" exhibit.  She especially loved the parts about WWII to the present.  I got to have my picture taken in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall (I also got to see a section of the World Trade Center wreckage, but Mommy chose not to take photos out of repect--it's funny how lots of people were photographing the Berlin Wall, but no one was photographing the World Trade Center--must be too close in time).
We also enjoyed the exhibits at the Natural History Museum and lots of outdoor sculptures.  GranGran loved the metal tree and I liked the "not so itsy-bitsy spider."

Mommy just liked the Sangria.
I was an amazing little squirt despite the heat and sunshine.  I did, however, have the luxury of riding in my cabana.
And getting fed whenever I wanted to be fed.
Now, if only Mommy would have agreed to buy me the toy sword that GranGran loved so much.  Maybe next time?
At the end of it all, I was pretty tuckered out--but it was worth it!  What a great day in the Big City!

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