Monday, July 5, 2010

2 Months Old

Today, Jackson Scott is officially 2 months old!  He is so very handsome...
Over the past two months, Jax has already taught me so many things--mostly about him.  It's funny how when you discover that you are pregnant, you go crazy making baby registries and purchasing everything you just know your little bundle will love.  You obsess over what they say are the best products on the market--and you stock up.  Well, we began the last two months with Pampers, BreastFlow bottles, Similac, and Nuks . . . and we ended them with Huggies, Dr. Brown's bottles, Enfamil, and Mams.  It's funny how each little one has his own tastes and, by golly, lets you know.  We seem to be all set now.
Where are we on milestones you ask?  Jackson is taking 4 ounces every 3 hours.  Poor baby still has awful reflux, so he spits up quite a bit--okay, a ton.  His formula has rice starch in it and that helps a little, but we are nevertheless resigned to wearing several bibs a day and taking Prevacid.  Jax generally skips his 12am feeding.  He goes to sleep around 10:30pm and wakes up at 3am and between 5:30-6am.  Then, he's up for the day--and very happy--make that happiest (as shown below) in the early morning.  Now, if only Mommy could follow suit.
Mr. Jax gets most cranky when being buckled into his carseat, and I don't blame him.  That thing has been nicknamed the "torture chamber" because it's so tight.  But--he sleeps like a champ once the car starts rolling.  He just loves music, vibration, fast rocking, and baths.  He coos and giggles in the water and kicks his chubby little legs.  Jackson smiles a lot.
He is making great eye contact now, looking at his toys, books, and tracking objects.  We're working on grasping toys.  He can hold on to them if placed into his hand, but he cannot yet take hold of them himself.  Mommy is hoping he loves Sophie the Giraffe the best.
Tomorrow, Jackson goes to the Pediatrician for his 2 month well check and he gets . . . shots . . .  I'll update everyone with his height and weight as soon as we know.  He's a good eater, so I'm sure he's a big boy!  No matter what, he's Mommy's little man!

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