Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Genius

My little Taco recently started using his Bumbo seat--and, boy, does he love it.  I think it's the greatest invention ever...Jax gets to work on his neck control while he is soaking in the world around him.  Besides...Bumbo is a pretty fun word to say, too.  "Does Jackson want to sit in him Bumbo? *baby smiles* I think he does. *baby coos* Let's play in our Bumbo seat."
He just thinks it's the best thing ever.  We've been watching our "Baby Signing Time" DVDs together in the Bumbo, we've been having funny conversations together, and we've been reading stories.
In only a few short Taco has become a baby genius.
Reading all by himself.
His Mommy is having fun with her camera since Jax has started to grasp things on his own.
Which do you think is true?

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