Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Atypical Snack

An atypical snack?  Yes.  Fun to eat?  I wouldn't know.  Thank you.
We went in Hot Topic at the mall the other day, and my grown-up husband bought these:
Sour Cream & Onion "Crick-ettes."  Whatever.
The guy at the counter said "they are like eating a potato chip," but when asked if he liked them, he also said "I don't eat animals, and that includes insects."  So. . .if I may ask, how does he know they are like eating a potato chip?
Nevertheless, the inner child was pacified.  And because I wouldn't partake, I give you exhibit A:
The funny thing is . . . we later found the dog's "Crick-ette" left uneaten on the carpet. 
Wonder why?
Glad one of us is proud.

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Jon, Katie and Wes said...

This is a post the world could have done without. YUK!