Monday, February 28, 2011


Here I  blow again!
buckle up

If you care about any of the following:
human rights
please click on this link and watch the video:

This, my friends, is why the 2012 election is so very important--we have to get Obama OUT of the White House before we too have socialized healthcare!

As both a mother and a registered nurse, I am absolutely outraged at this news story.  The Canadian government-run healthcare system is essentially forcing parents to kill their child and to do so in a excrutiatingly painful way.  For my readers not in healthcare, let me try to summarize what the government is denying Joe's parents.  This family is fully aware that their baby son is dying.  They would like him to go home with "comfort care only" orders and pass away peacefully and naturally.  They are simply asking for a tube to be placed into their son's trachia (windpipe) that will allow them to remove secretions from his lungs (not to prolong his life).  As the newscaster mentions, this will prevent the child from "drowning in his own secretions."  If the child does not get this, his little lungs will fill with fluid and he will literally drown as if in a swimming pool of water.

Imagine having a horrendous cold or sinus infection -- now, imagine your mucus is so thick that it is suffocating you -- now, imagine knowing that you cannot breathe -- now, nothing.
You're dead.

That's what I thought too.

If Obama's healthcare plan is put into action, THIS IS WHERE THE USA WILL STAND.  "Big Brother" will tell us when, where, and what kind of medical care we are allowed to receive.  How I am ominously reminded of a dark time in the history of another country ... of choosing who is "worthy" to live or to die ... of a political leader playing God.

How far, really, are we from that fate?

Think about Joseph.
Think about your own family (or yourself).
Think about how you can change history.


Janice Copeland said...

Hooray for talking about this! I agree with you wholeheartedly! I was NEVER into politics until the 08 election cycle, when I stopped keeping my head in the sand. When I started learning how many things were anti God, I was appalled. Thanks for blogging about this horrible real life situation. It is a perfect example of why Obamacare is NOT for USA.

Lauren said...

I agree!!! Definitely voting against that infringement on our freedoms!