Friday, February 18, 2011

The Birthday Begins

Tonight, my mom is taking me out to dinner and a movie for my 25th Birthday--which, in itself, it hard to believe.  But, before we go, I thought I'd share with you what she and Jackson gave me tonight (a day early because I'm hosting my best friend's baby shower tomorrow).

Mom's card was the most amazingly sentimental card I've ever read--perfect.  Made me cry.

So did the beautiful Effy ring from her and dad.

She also let Jackson pick out a special birthday present for me.  Really, mom placed about 5 items in front of him apparently, and he chose the one he liked.  He did a great job too!

Look how proud he looks that "Mama" (which he now says) loves her earrings.

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Jax for such a great early birthday!  I can't wait to celebrate with Daddy next weekend! 
*xoxo everyone*


Stephen E. Bates said...

Hi Jen, Happy Birthday and many more. Ilove following your blog. The pictures of Jaxson are
Love you dearly

Holly said...

You have the best mom and Jackson has the best grandma! You're very blessed!