Sunday, February 27, 2011

Millionaire's Salad

This post really has absolutely nothing to do with the "millionaire's salad" besides that our dinner salads last night had hearts of palm in them.  Truthfully, I just thought it made for an intriguing hook.  Did it work?

Last night Justin took me out to celebrate my 25th Birthday!

He kept me 100% in the dark about where he was taking me, and he didn't even ask what to get me.  Shocker!  All I knew was to get dressed up and be ready to leave by 6:15pm. 

Turns out...we had reservations at a gourmet restaurant in Front Royal, Virginia called "Apartment 2g."

I had never been to a place like this only on Saturdays, only by reservation, where you watch your dinner being prepared on TV, with only about 7 tables.  The food was an amazing 5 course fixed menu, and ours were personalized for my birthday!

At dinner, we enjoyed delicious food and wine, and Justin gave me my suprise birthday gift:

That's right, ladies, he did goooood!
A gift certificate to the spa!
Maybe that's a sign that he thinks I need a little relaxation after moving with a busy infant?

After dinner, we stopped by Food Lion for another bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers.  We just weren't ready for the night to end!

Thank you for an incredible evening, Justin!
From now on, I'm going to be more than willing to let you plan our date nights!

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Anonymous said...

You have an awesome husband!-Holly