Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Off The Top

As you can tell from this picture, it was about time for our Taco to get his first haircut;
. . . and today seemed as good a day as any.

So everybody loaded up into the car, and away we went to the Split Ends Hair Salon to see
Mrs. Gayle.

"A little off the top!" we said.  "And the ears, and the neck!"
And Mrs. Gayle got to work . . .

(I wasn't crying--just rubbing my eyes beacuse of my cold)

Once my haircut was finished, I got to admire myself in the mirror with Daddy.

I looked sharp!

So the hamming began . . .

Whoa! Let's see that again!
Before and After
I'm one good lookin' fella!


Anonymous said...

So cute! Give him a hug for me! vr

Anonymous said...

His Aunt Marney thinks his hair cut looks cute. He is growing up too fast! Love that boy! So proud of him. Crawling already?? Oh no,better child proff the house, if he was anything like Logan. He was into everything.:) Have fun celebrating today! Love you guys.