Saturday, February 5, 2011

9 Months Old

Jackson Scott is 9 months old today!
And, Boy oh Boy, have these 9 months gone by so much faster than my 9 months of pregnancy!  I like him better outside of the womb!  :)

This month has been one of Jackson's busiest of all.  He has grown up so much, and it makes me a little sad.  All the same, I'm so proud of his accomplishments.  Just to name a few, Jax is starting to crawl...allbeit backwards.  He is forever up on his hands and knees rocking back-and-forth.  When he does get mobile, it is 100% in the wrong direction.  I think this frustrates him sometimes because he'll aim to move toward something ahead of him and end up moving further away from it.

He has grown so much more interested in his toys this past month.  I think he's also starting to understand the concepts of cause and effect a little.  He puts toys into buckets, presses buttons, and...cutest of all...he'll chew on a toy, then offer it to my mouth.  I have to pretend I'm chewing on it too.

As his curiosity peaks, Justin and I are starting to have to discipline him in small amount this month.  His new favorite thing is to play with our mini blinds.  We routinely say "no, no" and gently remove his hands and press them to his chest.  Generally, when we let go...he grabs them again and the process starts's a work in progress.

Jax is also getting sneaky.  At Walmart this week, my mom covered the buggy seat with his liner so he couldn't touch the germy handle.  So, he slid his hand backwards to a place where the liner couldn't cover and smiled up at her.  He is also very willfull.  Jax LOVES to play in the bathtub, but he does NOT like to get out.  He makes fists and gets stiff when we pull him out.  I'm pleased to announce that I haven't given in to this display to date!
. . . but you can see why it's hard not to . . .

Jax is also starting to use a sippy cut...reluctantly.  He still has his formula out of his beloved bottle.  He drinks 6oz every 3-4 hours as well as has two jars of babyfood, cereal, and lots of new table foods.  Jax understands when we are at the table eating now, and he fully expects to get bites of our food.  He has liked everything except for fresh banana so far.  His very favorite was harvard beets...yeah, weird, I know.  He can use a pincer grasp to pick up Gerber puffs, but he usually drops them on the floor.  When he does occasionally reach his mouth, we all make a big production of it--clapping and cheering.  He thinks that's great too...grinning and giggling at himself.  Oh yeah, and he has ZERO teeth.
We will find out how big Jax is at his doctor's visit on February 8th--stay tuned!

And...just Jax made a huge accomplishment that made Justin very proud.  Check this out!

Now, it is practically all we hear.  When Jackson is upset and crying, he reaches up at says "NaMa" at I get to count that, right?  :)  Oh bother!

We have one special little man!

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