Monday, February 1, 2010


Disclaimer: this is not our sink

There are a lot of jobs out there that people swear they could never do. A lot of folks couldn't imagine wiping hineys in a nursing home--others couldn't put doggies to sleep--some couldn't see themselves traveling undercover, or running into burning buildings, or scouring a dead body for clues about death.

Me, I could never be a dishwasher in the culinary industry.

I loaded our dishwasher tonight for the first time in months (thanks hubby), and the entire time I kept repeating to myself "this is disgusting . . . oh my gosh . . . eww gross . . . only a few more . . . I shouldn't have even started this . . . wow, this is really disgusting." I've become quite skilled at evading the task of dishwasher loading, you see. Growing up, mom didn't cook much, and we didn't have a dishwasher. The few items that needed washing were always done quickly in the sink before bed by mom -- who for that reason alone, is my hero. :) My first year of college was spent eating in the dining hall or out of disposable T.V. trays. Then, second year, I struck up a deal with Lacey, Lauren, and Katherine that if they'd wash my dishes, I'd clean the bathroom. Yes! I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed a shower used by four college girls, I pulled our hair out of the drain, washed our toothpaste down the sink, and bleached the toilet bowl (even after nights of drinking) . . . and I did it all to avoid washing dishes. During my third and forth year at UVA, I had an even better arrangement--I provided alcohol for my roommates and in return they did my dishes. Shoot--it was a small price to pay--trust me.

Now that I'm married it's a little more difficult to bargain to avoid dishwashing duties. Basically, I have taken to just letting them pile up to the point of overflow. Generally, Justin will go ahead and do them when they get to that point. :) So, I'm not sure what overcame me tonight to make me take the desolate plunge into the sink. However, I am sure that I will never do it again. Pregnant or not, the plethora of smells that eminate from dirty dishes makes me gag repetitively. I cannot stand the sound that the water/milk/soda makes when it splashes on the open dishwasher door as it is being loaded. I cannot stomach getting remnants of food on my hands. Dishwashing is, hands down, the most disgusting job on the planet.

For now on, I refuse!

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