Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spit and Sticks

Spit and sticks--that's how the birds do it. For us, "nesting" was a little bit different. :) After many, many weeks of hard work, Justin and I have completed baby Jackson's nursery (with what we currently have). How wonderful it feels to have a special little place in our home for our son to sleep. Come on in and take a peek!
This is a view from the doorway--the "complete picture" I guess you could say.

Here's Jackson's crib and armoire (and little clothes hamper in the corner).

Voila--what will be the changing table when Jax arrives.

I just love this one. Back Jackson's crib (and we got the adorable bedding on clearance!)

This photo show's daddy's handiwork. Justin hung this chairail by hand and painted the stripes on the wall (I was the designer, he was the constructor). The stripes were a tedious process, but the finished result was completely worth it! Daddy made the little shelf too.

Here's mommy's little rocking and reading nest.

Now, all we're missing is the little guy to place in here. Less than 15 more weeks! Whew!


Serena said...

I absolutely LOVE it! What a beautiful first nursery! You should go into nursery designing! love you both

Tess said...

i love this! beautiful decorations, lady. <3