Monday, February 8, 2010

Going all Googly-Eyed

Woah! A snow this big makes me go all googly-eyed! Check out what they are calling "The Storm of the Century" in the DC-Metro area. I can tell you one thing, I sure hate going potty in this mess--so much, I even broke down and used a puppy pad (and at my age!)
The view from our front porch.

The view from our driveway.

Piled high!

Look how small I am next to these huge snow piles!

Caught gazing into the winter wonderland.

Scouting out a pee-pee spot.

Please, mom, can't I come back inside?

Geesh! I got snow on by beard.

Really people, do I look amused? How would you like to go outside in this snow naked? I didn't think so! Humf! I might just have to pee on your carpet today.

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