Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello folks! I had my 24-week OB appointment today with Dr. Liao, my first official appointment at Lake Manassas Women's Health. It went extremely well--and extremely differently--from my previous experiences at the world crappiest OB practice, Fairfax OBGYN.

Dr. Liao actually listened to my heart and lungs, measured my belly, and took a minature sonogram of baby Jackson. So cute! I measured 25 cm, which he was very pleased with for 24 weeks. Baby Jackson is breech right now, explaining his frequent kicks against my bladder, but he still has many weeks to get his act together and turn head-down, little bugger. His HR was a healthy 150 bpm.

My own health was also in good working order. There was no glucose in my urine this time, my pulse was 80, and my BP is back down to a normal level (I have been experiencing white coat syndrome recently). Yay! I didn't have time to complete the glucose challenge test today in the office, so they let me take home the lovely 50-gram glucose drink which is now staring at me each time I open the refrigerator. Part of me wishes to remain blissfully unaware of any possible results indicating Gestational Diabetes. However, I know it's best for Jackson and I if I just buck up and chug. Please pray for me as the thoughts of this test have been causing me anxiety for some time now. Tomorrow's the day--cheers!

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