Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Big 28

Big Week 28!

I've been in my third trimester for a little over a week now, and things are fantastic! I went to see Dr. Liao this morning (always amazed at how sweet he is), and things are moving along "right on target." My belly is measuring 29 cm (one week ahead, but very normal), baby Jackson's heartrate was 158 bpm, there was no glucose or protein in my urine, and my ankles aren't swelling yet (now if only we could say the same for my fat face)! Woohoo! Best news of all-- Jax has settled into the head-down or vertex position, and he is certainly a boy (we got another pee pee picture). Now, the little houdini had better stay head down. Generally, babies do--so, Justin and I are hoping that he behaves. :)

Baby's Jackson's peepee confirmation picture. ;) hehe

On another exciting note, my friend Lauren had her baby girl, Brooklyn, either last last night or early this morning. Congratulations Beckner family!

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