Friday, December 4, 2009

Doctors and Dopplers

Just a quick update on Baby Heath--sorry, no pictures this time. Let's see, I had my 16 week pre-natal appt yesteday, and all was well thusfar (apart from my continued annoyance with the OB practice we are using). Baby's nice strong heartbeat was heard, and my fundus (top of my uterus) was just between my pubic line and belly button, right where it should be! It wasn't a very climactic appt--just asked some questions and had my blood drawn. Yes, they suckered me into doing another screening. Humf--next pregnancy, I think I'm opting for the au natural approach-- maybe even with CNM's in a birthing center. We'll see.

Also on the baby front, Justin and I ordered a home fetal doppler from Stork Radio to listen to Baby whenever we want. It is just the most reassuring sound in the world to hear that fast thumping of Baby's little heart. I'm at that point in pregnancy right now where most of the fatigue and morning sickness are over, but I still don't have a pronounced "baby bump" and I'm not feeling the baby kick yet--maybe in a few more weeks! You sure can hear Baby kick with the doppler though! As the doctor put it yesterday, the baby "isn't packing enough punch" yet to be felt. I can't wait. Keep us in your prayers! Only about 3 more weeks and we'll know if Baby Heath is a boy or a girl! We can't wait!

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Serena said...

Love the doppler idea!