Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Bonding

Yesterday was such a blessing . . . and so much fun! Learning that we are having a boy means it's "nesting" time at the Heath house. We are starting to get the nursery items together, and will soon undertake painting. Also, I saved my Christmas bonus in cash and went on a miniature shopping spree yesterday with Justin, Mom, and Victoria to the mall and Babies R Us. There were lots of good deals since we still got the after-Christmas sales! :) I love a bargain!
Also, knowing that our baby is a boy and being about to put a name to him has really helped me connect with the child in my belly. Before, it didn't really seem real to me sometimes, but just one day after knowing that "baby" is a "Jackson," I feel so much love! So, let the bonding begin! What an amazing (and trying sometimes) journey pregnancy is. Here is a photo of me from yesterday-- 20 weeks pregnant.

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