Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Much to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays now that I have managed to get over my "I'm sick every year on Thanksgiving phase" that lasted for most of my childhood. I'm sure my family is thankful for that as well-- now, people aren't afraid to sit next to me at the dinner table!

Justin and I are so very blessed with such wonderful families to celebrate with. We traveled to Roanoke on Thursday (yes, we celebrated a day late because Jus had to work on Thursday) and had a quick dinner at IHOP, the ever-faithful, always-open, holiday-restaurant-go-to. On Friday, we had breakfast with Emily and Patrick Shaw who were up visiting from Florida. Afterwards, Justin's mom and I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner (I was more in training) together while Justin lounged on the couch with the dogs. My mom came over and helped with the cooking as well. :) Around 3pm, my dad, Justin's sister, Marney, husband Charlie, and nephew Logan joined us for a great meal and lots of laughter. Afterwards, the ladies went to Valley View for some non-stressed Black Friday deals. We really still got good deals and didn't have to deal with crowds or lines!

Also, big news, my baby belly finally "popped" this weekend! It's not huge or anything yet, but it's certainly much more obvious and firm than in was before. Pregnancy is such a crazy time--the one time in your life where having a bulging belly is actually fun! Now, if only my face wasn't so chubby! Oh well, guess I can't have it all. :)

So many things to be thankful for this year-- from the growing child in my womb, having jobs in this tough economy, the warmth of family and friends, to health and happiness!

Justin and I by the fireplace on Thanksgiving.

Justin's mom, Victoria, the cook, slaving away to make a wonderful dinner!

Mom and Maggie Mae-- doing their usual bonding. Maggie is really thinking "put me down, lady, I want some mashed potatoes!"

What Justin did ALL DAY while we cooked and cleaned up the mess--- well, scratch that, he fell asleep eventually! ;)

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