Monday, December 28, 2009

Boy, oh Boy

Boy, oh boy, baby Heath is a BOY! Finally the day arrived, and Justin and I (and both grannies) went to my much anticipated 20 week sonogram. And . . . drum roll please . . . our baby is a little boy, Jackson Scott Heath. We couldn't be happier (especially Justin who is already planning his hockey lessons, video game playing, and throwing the football in the backyard). Most importantly, everything looked very healthy--heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, bladder, stomach, diaphram--everything! The sonographer even said "he has such a beautiful umbilical cord." Interesting compliament, but we'll take it! :) Glory be to God for this wonderful blessing! Funny tidbit-- little Jackson had his noggin wedged tightly against my bladder for the entire sonogram (making it difficult to measure his head--causing trouble already). And to think I've been wondering "why do I feel soo much pressure whenever I need to pee?" Thanks buddy, now I know! Apparently, this is his favorite resting spot. :) Enjoy the pictures of our boy!
Baby Jackson sucking his thumb-- my personal favorite picture!

Jackson's manhood--a very proud moment for Justin

Baby Jackson's peepee and "beautiful cord"

Jackson's profile-- head ever-so-tightly wedged by my bladder

Baby Jackson from the side

Jackson's little calf and footsie :) (wonder how big they'll be?)

Baby Jackson's little ear (view from the back of the head)

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