Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Yeah, we are in our 20's. So, yes, you could say we are boring. :) New Years Eve passed last night, and Justin and I just spent the evening together at home. We went out to a new steakhouse and then watched the "ball drop" on TV. Well, actually, I slept on the couch until 11:45, then Justin woke me up to watch to ring in the New Year. It recently dawned on me how exciting New Years Eve used to seem when I was under 21. Then, I turned 21 and found myself working night shift at the hospital on the night of celebration. Now, I am pregnant and couldn't drink if I wanted to. We'll have to see what next year holds. . .
Today, however, was a different story. I am proud to say that we were very productive. Justin (obviously) had the idea to wake up early and go to a 10:10am showing of Sherlock Holmes, which we did. Then, we grabbed a quick lunch and came home to start doing a little "nesting." We painted splotches on Jackson's nursery walls to be sure we liked the colors, and Justin assembled his high chair and stroller. Also, I got the sweetest package from my cousin Crystal today on my front porch. It was a perfect Boppy pillow for baby Jackson. I absolutely love the colors and prints--it even matches the high chair we chose. Thank you sooo much Crystal and Mike. We are so thankful for family like you. :) Interesting tidbit, I also think I had two Braxton Hicks contractions today during the movie. At first I was worried, but I researched them online, and apparently this is when many women begin to notice them. Just keep us all in your prayers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Years!

I just adore my hubby's face of concentration.
This was the cute result of my teaching Jus how to buckle a baby into a carseat.

P.S.- Yesterday I also went for a consult OB appointment at Lake Manassas Women's Health (because I have been thoroughly disgusted with the care I have received from Fairfax OBGYN), and it went beautifully! The nurse was so professional, the office was lovely, and Dr. Liao spent so much time answering our questions. I felt more comfortable after this one appt than I did after 20 weeks with my previous doctor. Acutally, we shared with Dr. Liao about the negligant "care" I received when diagnosed with swine flu, and he responded with "was that Melodi Wilson?" HELLO! Take about a preceeding reputation. Needless to say, I signed a release of records before I left the office, and I now have a new OB practice to begin 2010. Praise the Lord!

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