Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year Ago Today . . .

One year ago today I was filled with nervous energy. One year ago today all of our friends and family from around the US had gathered together in little ole' Roanoke, Virginia. One year ago today, my mom was having her last pre-wedding nightmare. One year ago today, I had my bridal luncheon at 12 noon at Mac & Bob's, our wedding rehearsal at the duPont Chapel, and our rehearsal dinner at the Plantation at Sunnybrook. One year ago, I was still a bride to be counting down--to one! Today, I'm an almost-one-year-wife--I've counted up to 364!

Amazing! I'm talking about how time flies. I'm talking about being married to my best friend in the world. I'm talking about preparing to share our first anniversary together tomorrow. This year has held so many surprises--from our nightmarish honeymoon, to our two dog-babies, to buying our first home, to just learning to love, laugh, and live together as Mr. and Mrs. Heath. One thing is for certain, for every challenge there has been a moment of splendor, and it has truly been a blessing. Thank you Jesus for your countless blessings over the last year. You have guided and taught and loved of through an amazing first year of marriage, and for that we are utterly thankful.
Although August 15th, 2009 was certainly a lot less exciting than August 15th, 2008-- working 4 hours at a peds office, cleaning up puppy poo, and fighting the crouds at Tyson's Corner Mall as Justin "shopped" for his own anniversary gift--a new work wardrobe--it was, nevertheless, special. But . . . since last year was more fun, I give to you, a pictoral history:

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