Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Down Home First Anniversary

Alas, it is here--we made it--today Justin and I celebrated our First Anniversary. I say, if this is the "toughest year of marriage," bring it on! Honestly, I feel so incredibly blessed to have spent this year with my best friend. Sure, it has had it's rough moments, but overall, it was been fantastic. I think this is a true testimony that we are right for one another--good thing, eh?

Today was what I like to call a "Down Home First Anniversary." Justin innocently awakened me this morning ready to exchange gifts. Basically, I opened my eyes and he handed me my anniversary card. The truth was, he had a surprise for me--Jus had bought me another wedding band--to turn my wedding set into a wrap! Better than than, however, was the card he found--one of those musical ones that played "Unchained Melody," our first dance. I hope he never loses that romantic touch he has! (hint)

We then went to church for children's ministry Sunday, had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, and came home to play some guitar hero. It was GREAT just kneeling on the carpet (yes, I kneel because it helps me concentrate) and strumming along to some good hard rock--a little less nerve racking than what we were doing last year at that moment. After our band session, Jus and I cut our wedding cake and enjoyed a slice of the dry, one year old, freezer kept, crumbly ved velvet mess. Although that accurately describes it, I have to admit it didn't taste that bad--especially considering it had been in my parents' freezer for one year and made a 3.5 hour road trip. Kudos Gail Wilson! After a long nap and a honeymoon night reinactment, we headed out for a Thai dinner and to the Prince William County Fair for a championship rodeo. Yeehaw!

That's what I call a "Down Home First Anniversary!" What better way to spend a night together than sitting out under a blanket of stars, hearing the cheers of the crowd, seeing the lights of the ferris wheel, and holding one another? It really was a country-girl-at-heart's perfect evening--with the perfect person, of course. Cheers to a wonderful first year of marriage and many more to come!

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