Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Grillin'

Today's agenda:

1. Wake up early enough to get ready for work and take care of two doggies singlehandedly.
2. Go to work, weigh babies, measure babies, make babies laugh, make babies cry (more often than not--vaccines hurt), clean up after babies.

3. Celebrate Dottie's 80th birthday with a potluck with my colleagues at Crestwood--this lady is amazing; 80 years young and still working part time in our peds office.

4. Travel 10 mins to our new location and spend the rest of the afternoon cranking out well check ups and school form like it's my job--oh wait, it is. :)

5. Come home to my wonderful husband and two doggies standing on their hind legs to greet me.

6. Have the hubby cook steak kabobs and corn on the grill--yummy! No, we did not marinate or skewer the steak and veggies onto sticks--that, my friends, is why Wegman's exists.

7. Eat dinner with Justin, duel on guitar hero with Justin, watch Hell's Kitchen with Justin, do R-rated things with Justin, settle down to blog as Justin sleeps by my side.

8. Get up tomorrow--and do it all over again! Well, most of it, that is.

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