Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soap Required

We had a great family day today, minus one little detail . . .
we ate at a Chinese Buffet for lunch.

Now, the Chinese part is not the problem, it's the buffet.  Sheesh--I'm becoming more and more like my mother (who hates buffets) each and every day.

You see, when I was younger, buffets were awesome . . . all you can eat, a lot of variety, an easy way to try new and adventurous cuisine, dessert included . . . but now that I'm an adult, I seriously hate them.

It's not a love-hate relationship.
Just hate.

For starters, I haven't been to anything I would consider a good buffet in ages.  The food is always cold, usually congealed, and seriously lacking in quality.  Unless the restaurant is super busy, things aren't being replenished frequently enough to keep anything fresh.  I always find that while there is a lot of food, there is always very little food I am actually interested in eating . . . oh yeah, and I am definitely not a picky eater (ask anyone who knows me!)

Since I generally don't find many entrees on buffets appetizing, I always leave repeating to myself "that was such a waste of money!"  Now, be honest, how many of you readers feel that way when you leave a buffet?  Like . . . the only way that meal was worth what I paid would be if I had sat there eating only the filet/crab legs/shrimp/etc . . .  Me!  Me!  That's me!  Unfortunately, like today for example, I usually end up eating more rice than anything else . . . certainly not "getting my money's worth."

And speaking of "getting my money's worth," how many people overeat gorge themselves at buffets?  Ding, ding, that's me too!  I didn't actually enjoy anything I put in my mouth for lunch today, but I still managed to leave the restaurant feeling like I could float away in a sea of sodium.  A very unpleasant sensation.  And my hubby just might have made the comment "uh oh, I think I may have overdone it a little today" while grimacing and holding his stomach as we were walking to our car.  Been there, done that?

Oh yeah, and then there's the germs.  I'm an RN, and believe it or not, nursing has actually made me less of a germ-o-phobe than I used to be.  Buffets are the one exception to that rule.  Our lunch conversation today was centered around how disgusting I think it is that everyone touches the food ladles.  Who knows if they just finished wiping their butts or sneezing into their palm?  You certainly don't.  Nope.  You just follow right behind them touching all the same ladles, then you use your hands to eat that cheese wonton, don't you now?


And at Chinese buffets, there's the raw grill.  Ever think about how many little kids might have dropped a piece of that raw chicken on the countertop?  Then, you rest your hands on that same counter while waiting for your stir-fry to be prepared.  Now, go back to your table . . . how do you eat your egg roll?  With your hands, right?

  Double disgusting.
Talk about a high potential for food-borne illness!

I think they only things I enjoyed that lunch were the ice water and the fortune cookie.

soap required.

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