Sunday, March 20, 2011


This weekend
. . . much to my persuasion . . .
Justin got a tattoo in Roanoke.

You gotta love Roanoke, too.  He was quoted $450 for the design in Northern Virginia, and paid $170 in the good ole' 'Noke.  Apparently, Roanoke is good for the soul and the wallet.

I hope he's as excited about being ink'd as I am.
Tattoos on men are so sexy!

His tattoo artist was amazing!  Looks like a B&W photo, right?
She drew it by hand--and this was one of her early drawings--over 10 years ago.

Okay, enough gab . . . let's get started.

Jus said the outline was the worst part . . .

Getting there . . .

Youch!  This was right after she finished tattooing him.

And . . . a few hours later that evening . . .

The finished product.

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