Saturday, March 12, 2011


I love to be busy.

So, today was great by my standards. 

I woke up early (that part wasn't so great...ahem Jackson), went to the gym, got ready, traveled to lunch with Justin and Jax, tried out a new park, watched some BMX bikers, shopped at Home Depot for a new dishwasher, came home for dinner, then walked around our neighborhood with my family (Maggie Mae included).  It is no nice when Justin is home for an entire day and gets to do fun things along with Jackson and I . . . especially when the weather indicates that Spring is on its way!

Justin was able to see Jackson's crazy swinging smiles for the first time . . .

And try out some new slides!

And while this new park was fun, I discovered that the park closest to our home is the best one.  Yay for less driving!  I <3 our new hometown!

Jax played "muscle man" on the monkey bars . . .

And watched some BMX bikers.
(who would have thought that there would be a BMX park 15 minutes from our new house?)
Hooray for free entertainment!

Although, who really needs entertainment when you're hanging with this little dude?

So this is what it feels like to be back in real Virginia once again!

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Mom (Nana) said... precious...Love the pics...He looks so happy...He is lucky to have such a good Mommy and Daddy...Love you....