Thursday, March 3, 2011

(natural)Lights, Camera, Action(shots)

Yesterday after Storytime at the library, Jax and I (and our "bo-bo sweaters") went to the park.

It was Jackson's second time there, but the first time I brought along my camera.  In my attempts to get photographs of Jackson swinging, I started using the "advanced sports shooting" setting on my point-and-shoot camera, and I was super impressed with the quality of images I was able to capture.  A lot of the images that follow are "live action" photographs taken in this mode.  In case it's not called the same thing on your camera, it's the setting with the little man who looks like he's running, or rather, sprinting.


As Juno would say "Nothing like experimentin'"


Mom (Nana) said...

GREAT PICS...You did a great job...He looks like he enjoyed himself so much...and you....Love you both so much....

Stephen E. Bates said...

He is realy geting on so well in these pics. You look like you both were having fun,
Love you both