Saturday, March 5, 2011


It doesn't do me good to watch the morning news.

 I seriously believe I am becoming an endangered species of sorts. A species that believes in God, in the family, in investing in education, in working for your money, in national security, in supporting our troops, in domestic self-sufficiency, and in using discretion. And for me, the morning news serves as a stark reminder that our world is becoming a place of cruelty, apathy, laziness, hate, degredation, and desperation. I am honestly not very proud to call myself an American this morning when I see images like this:

I think these church members missed a few key points in Biblical teachings. The word that best describes my reaction to this faction is "bewilderment." As a Christian, I don't understand how you could miss God's message so blatently. It's like going to the Super Bowl and not realizing you are at a sporting event. I honestly don't know how anyone could learn about Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross and draw this conclusion about his love for humanity.

I don't get it.

In conclusion, I give you a sobering list--the news stories this morning:

Judge sights "freedom of speech" to allow church members to tell fallen soldiers' families that "God Hates You" at their funerals

Mother of a sex crime victim is being sued by the perpetrator for "ruining his reputation" on her blog

Drug dealer not charged for crimes due to a clerical typo

Casey Anthony on trial for murdering her daughter, and her brother admits he "might have lied" about the case

School principal appologizes for hosting a mock slave trade on a black student in class

Daycare owner on "America's Most Wanted" list after starting a fire that killed 4 children

$189,000,000 Juvenile Detention center built while we are firing our school teachers to reduce budget deficits

I am left with a weighty decision:

stop watching the news and grow ignorant of world events
continue watching the news and grow devestated of world condition.

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Holly said...

I love reading your blogs! I couldn't agree more w/ what you've said.. Most days I choose to watch Timmy Time w/ Madeleine vs. the news so I don't start my day in a terrible funk. It's so unfortunate.