Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Not to Wear

So, I watch TLC a lot. Granted, it's mostly for the baby shows, but I enjoy an occasional bit of variety. Well, recently I've been seeing those commercials for the upcoming "I'm a Hoarder" series, and it inspired me to finally go through my own closet. Then--the commercial for one show (Hoarder)--turned into a virtual episode of another show-- TLC's "What Not to Wear." And, although Stacy and Clinton weren't actually there to help me sort through the mess, I think I managed pretty well on my own. There are four gigantic garbage bags full of clothes to go first to Plato's Closet, then to Good Will.
I could almost categorize the items that I nixed into distinct "goodbye" categories. There was the that skirt/dress would be more appropriate as lingerie because it's so short/skimpy category. There was the no matter how much baby weight you lose that top/pant hasn't fit in 3 years and now never will catecory. And, my personal favorite, there was the when are you ever going to wear a shirt with a sparkling sea horse and the words "Cali love" (thanks Hollister) on it again? category.
You get the drift . . . going through my closet I realized that I have matured quite a bit since a lot of those clothes were bought. I oh-so-fondly remember the days of buying super low-cut, spaghetti strap tanks from the mall, and it makes me smile. I suppose this is going to be a new chaper in my life in so many ways. Don't get me wrong-- I'm not going to go out and buy "mom jeans" and shirts with cats screen printed on them anytime soon. However, I do see a wardrobe makeover with some nice solid/detailed tops from Bananna Republic/Gap/Ann Taylor and some tailored capris in my future. :)

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