Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Made You Look


Yesterday was a very eventful day with a happy ending. I went to work about 1pm, but on my lunch break I started feeling terrible. I was at Manassas Mall (maybe that was why--haha) when I got really hot and sweaty, slightly nauseous, flushed, and felt a lot of low pressure in my pelvis. Earlier that day I had also had a nosebleed. When I got back to work, I talked to Jen, an NP, about it and she took my BP. Scary-- it was 158/90! I called my doctor who told me to stay at work and monitor my BP for one hour. It didn't go down much, so I headed to the L&D triage area at the hospital. The good news is, my BP came back down to normal within an hour, my urine, and all my bloodwork was normal. So-- they sent me home as usual-- no changes necessary. I'm not sure what caused it-- maybe it had something to do with traveling this weekend and not getting ANY sleep (literally) for two night in a row. Whatever it was, I am truly thankful that all is well and I pray that the pregnancy continues normally from now on.

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