Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jackson, our Bella Baby

Although I thought the day would never come, it did-- Justin and I (and Baby Jackson) had our 4D sonogram with "Bella Baby" tonight! And, after a dinner that didn't settle well with either of us, it was the highlight of our night (and week). We were so blessed with a sonographer who took her time with us (we paid for 15mins, but got 23mins) in order to produce some awesome images. At first, baby Jax wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera. He was incredibly mobile during the session (kicking, jabbing, rolling) and would hardly be still enough to get photographs. Also (and this is so very endearing), he continuously played with and snuggled with his umbilical cord (the sonographer had never seen it to this extent before). At times, because he was making "sucking" motions, it took like he was teething on his cord. So cute! Several times our sonographer also commented on how very laid back he was. She had me turn to my side twice, she jiggled my belly extensively, she had Justin talk to my belly, and she mashed a lot on my abdomen-- through all of it, Jackson happily played with his cord and didn't turn. Additionally, I learned that he was "seated very low in my pelvis." I certainly hope that's a good thing! EeeK!

As for Baby Jackson's features, here's what we think:

1. He's chubby (has a crease like I did at the bridge of his nose).
2. He has Justin's lips.
3. He has my cheekbones.
4. He has my toe "extender."
5. He has Justin's brow structure (i.e., no "shelf eyes")

As for the rest-- only 10 more weeks will tell. We're getting soooo excited!

* Here are the very best images from tonight * (more on facebook)

This one looks just like my baby pictures!

Body shot.

Jackson's 4D peepee

Forever snuggling that cord

Little fingers

Little toes

Beautiful face

Baby Jackson's face

This one looks just like Daddy (lips)

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