Friday, March 2, 2012

Date Night

It's a date!

Apparently this has become Justin and my Thursday night date of choice ... the hospital!

Rest assured that everything seems to be okay at this time, but last night (the second Thursday night in a row) I had to go to the Labor and Delivery triage admission area for pregnancy issues.  This time, I mysteriously starting spotting/lightly bleeding for absolutely no reason around 5pm.  This wasn't accompanied by any other symptoms ... and if we lived closer to the hospital, I probably wouldn't have even gone in.  But, being an hour away, I became a little nervous.  My OBGYN told me to go ahead and come to L&D just to be safe ... and I did.

The nurses monitored the baby for awhile, drew a few labs (after sticking me 3 times), and I had another level 2 ultrasound.  Thankfully, absolutely everything was "normal."  I stopped bleeding after about 4 hours, and I haven't had any more problems today.  However, I do have to drive the long trek back to my OB's office on Monday to have my cervix checked.  Since there is no other explanation for the spotting ... I am seriously wondering if I'm just already beginning to dilate slightly?  The ultrasound showed that my cervix is still "long," ... so I'm not terribly concerned about preterm delivery at the present time ... but maybe I'm just making really early "progress" with this being my second pregnancy.  Who knows?

And just for the record ... baby Oliver measures 3lb. 8oz. at this time ... for a due date of May 4th, 2012 (although they didn't officially change my date).  He is also low, low, low in my pelvis!  So ... we shall see!  Keep us in your prayers ... for an uncomplicated rest of the pregnancy ... and a safe labor and delivery ... and a healthy momma and baby when the big day comes!  (you can also throw in there that I don't get put on bed rest!)

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