Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stroller Strides

Recently I've been bragging to those I'm closest to about my newest obsession.  Well, I actually feel so passionate about this that I want to share my sentiments on a larger scale.  What am I talking about? 

"Stroller Strides" is an incredible new exercise program specifically designed for mothers and their tots that I have joined.  It has been such a blessing in my life in the few short weeks since I initially tried it out.  Yes, I am participating in the classes at almost 30 weeks pregnant ... but that certainly does not mean that it isn't an awesome challenge.  To be honest, when I attended my first free class I expected an hour and a half of power walking and stretching.  Oh, no, no!  It is so much more than that!  Stroller Strides is a full body workout -- an invigorating hour and half of power walking/jogging, resistance training (bands), lunges, push ups, abdominal exercises, stretching, circuit training, burpees, squats, sprinting ... and fun. 

Yes, it is so much fun!  In this class I have met so many wonderful women who are in the same stage of life that I am.  Our bodies are all different ... but everyone understands one another.  There are absolutely no judgements passed on one another (or our children)... instead, there is constant support and encouragement.  My instructor is also amazing about checking in to see "how I'm feeling" and to simply tell me that I'm doing a good job!  This class and these ladies are so very refreshing.

So, if I haven't already convinced you, here's why you should join "Stroller Strides" in your area:
1.  Consistent, kick-butt workouts
2.  Confidence in your body ... yes, your "mommy" body
3.  Encouragment from other mothers
4.  No shame if your kid acts up (not that Jax EVER acts up)
5.  Guilt free working out ... because the kiddos come along
6.  No need to pay a babysitter/daycare
7.  New friendships
8.  Playmates for your kiddos (at the end of class) 
9.  "Moms' Nights Out"
10.  A reason to be proud of yourself

For more information (and to find a class near you), please visit "Stroller Strides" on the web at:

And, if you're in the Winchester area, please contact my instructor, Adrienne Sims, for more information at:
(you'll love her)

And ... if you join Adrienne's class ... please tell her that I sent you!  :)

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